6 examples of awesome holographic stickers

Here are 6 of the greatest holographic stickers we’ve ever seen.

The iridescent, rainbow effect of the vinyl is used to create some beautiful, standout effects! We print different colors on top of the holographic vinyl to achieve this.

Find out more about how holographic stickers are made here.

Use these examples as inspiration to create incredible holographic stickers.

James Hersey spaceman design printed as a holographic sticker

1. James Hersey spaceman

This sticker features the musician James Hersey’s spaceman printed onto our holographic vinyl, with a white border, making the design stand out.

We love how the spacesuit glows! Holo is the perfect accompaniment with space designs.

Discovery space sticker on holographic

2. Discovery badge

This one looks pretty awesome! I love the white ink behind the writing and the shuttle, ensuring those parts of the design are always easy to read despite the angle of light on the sticker.

Holographic clothing sticker stuck to a bottle

3. Clothing co

The black writing on the holographic background stands out! And the yellow contrasts nicely with the black. This is one of my favorite ever logo stickers.

The face of a tiger, printed as a holographic sticker

4. Crouching tiger not so hidden holo

An all-time great holographic sticker. A faint orange is printed over the holographic to make this design shimmer.

Work hard dream big holographic sticker in a hand

5. To the moon and back

I love how the white ink areas on the moon give it a cool textured look. Alongside the inspirational message, this has got to be a winner!

Don't touch the cacti sticker printed on gloss holographic vinyl

6. Don’t touch!

With no white ink behind the ground, sky, or cacti, the colors really glimmer and catch the light. And of course, some good advice to go with a beautiful design.