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6 examples of awesome holographic stickers

Here are 6 of the best examples of holographic stickers we’ve seen.

The iridescent effect of the vinyl can be used to create some incredible effects! Print different colours on top of the holographic vinyl to achieve this.

Find out more about how holographic stickers are made here.

Use these examples as inspiration to create your own awesome holographic stickers.

1. James Hersey spaceman

This sticker features the musician James Hersey’s spaceman logo printed onto our holographic material, with a white border, making the design really stand out.

Holographic kiss cut sticker with James Hersey astronaut logo, one peeled and held into the camera

2. Your future hands

Aren't these the best holographic stickers ever! The colors are beautiful and the message is just as strong. These are a must-have as a sticker lover!

Die cut holographic sticker with future in your hands design

3. Crazy cats

Firstly how these are laid out in this image is really effective. I love that the design & holographic color does all the heavy-lifting and makes the incredible design really pop!

Die cut holographic stickers with cat art design on a black table

4. Crouching tiger not so hidden holo

A faint orange was printed over the holographic makes this design really shine. It's a beauty!

Stack of die cut holographic stickers with tiger design on a table

5. To the moon and back

I love how the white ink areas on the moon give it an incredible textured look.

Circle holographic sticker with work hard dream big design applied to a silver laptop

6. Simply premium

This super simple design is elevated into a different class when using the holographic material. It makes this product look so premium. It makes me want to buy one!

Square holographic sticker applied to black soap box next to shaving tools

Loving these examples?

If you've enjoyed these examples of holographic stickers as much as I have, you can find out more by visiting the product page by clicking the link in this sentence.