Design your own stickers & labels

Graphic is a free-to-use online designer. No design experience needed. Get personalized stickers & labels in minutes.

Graphic is getting an upgrade! Version 2.0 will launch in June 2023. Be notified first.


What artwork can I upload?

You can upload PNG, JPG, SVG files onto Graphic canvas to edit them.

More file options are coming soon.

What is Graphic?

Graphic is a free to use online design tool.

It lets you either create from scratch or edit designs and turn them into beautiful personalized stickers & labels.

Is it free to use?


Can I save my designs?

Yes, if you create an account your designs will be saved.

If you don't create an account, your designs will only be saved for a short time and if you clear your cookies, you won't be able to access them again.

Will you check my designs before printing?

Yes! Our designers will thoroughly check your design(s) before we go to print.

We also send you a design proof, so you can double-check everything looks perfect, just in case.

An icon showing how to create a design in Graphic by Sticker it

Learn how to use Graphic

Watch videos showing you how to create the perfect design.

Coming soon

Design personalized stickers online

Personalize your stickers quickly and easily with Graphic by Sticker it. You can design your stickers online for free within minutes. Browse our library of templates, choose a blank canvas or upload your own artwork to get started.

With Graphic, you need no design expertise. Simply modify pre-made templates and add your favorite design elements for stunning results. Create anything from personalized stickers with logos over product labels and business stickers, to name and wedding stickers.

Graphic also saves your designs, making re-ordering your favorites super quick and easy.

What will you create next? Open Graphic and find out.

Custom stickers vs personalised stickers

With personalised stickers, you no longer need artwork before you order. Instead, you can design online as you go in Graphic. Simply choose one of our high-quality materials and create your personalized stickers and labels right then and there. This will give you ultimate flexibility and the chance to experiment with designs until you find your perfect match.

If you want to stick with your design as it is, head to the custom stickers page to get started with your order. However, if you do not have a design or would like to design your stickers online, personalized stickers are perfect for you.

Explore our library and edit pre-existing designs or modify your own images. The beauty of personalized stickers is that you do not need any design know-how. Just have a go and enjoy the outcome.

Order Personalised Stickers, UK Made

Your personalised stickers will come to life in our Bristol, UK HQ. We pour a lot of love and care into everything we do. We want you to have the best ordering experience and work tirelessly to provide you with the best service and highest quality possible.

Ordering your personalised stickers via Graphic means that you do not have to wait for a digital design proof. Graphic generates an instant proof for you automatically. If you are happy with your proof, you can send it to print.

From there, it will travel through our manufacturing department where your quality stickers are printed, laminated, cut and packaged within 4 working days. Your order will then be shipped and usually arrives within 2-3 working days.