Lead times

We manufacture your custom stickers and labels from scratch. Each order comes with a lead time - the time it takes to produce your stickers and labels.

Our lead time is 4 working days and starts after you have approved your design proof. This lead time is static and cannot be sped up. Shipping time is added to the 4-working-day lead time.

Check out the Graphic below for an overview or read on for more details.

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Sticker it lead times design


Once you placed your order with artwork, our designers create a digital design proof that shows what your stickers or labels will look like printed.

Time: 12 hours

Submit artwork like a pro
Example of a design proof of a die cut sticker with a bleed and a cutline added


Review your design proof. Are you happy? Then click "approve" and we'll get printing. If you'd like changes to be made, request them and we will action them for free. Please note that each change can take up to 12 hours.

Time: Depends on your approval

Learn about design proofs
Custom stickers being printed on a flatbed cutter


After you have approved your design proof, we get to work. Within 4 working days, we print, laminate, cut and quality control your stickers and labels.

Time: 4 working days

Peak behind the scenes
Box arriving


Then, it is time to send your order on its way. You can choose from a range of shipping options depending on your location.

Please note that an express shipping option cannot speed up the 4-working-day lead time.

Time: 1-10 days

Discover shipping options

Lead time FAQs

Can I pay extra for a faster turnaround?

Unfortunately not. Our 4-working-day lead time cannot be sped up. It is static to ensure every order is treated equally and allows us to give transparent turnaround times.

Is your lead time flexible?

No. Our 4-working-day lead time is static and cannot be sped up.

Why is the approval time customer-dependent?

The time it takes customers to approve their design proof is hard to predict because it is subjective. Some customers see the email the second it hits their inbox and approve their proof immediately. Others request numerous changes which prolongs this process. Our main objective is that you are 100% happy with your design - so this timeline is up to you.

Why is shipping 1-10 days?

We ship worldwide and offer various shipping options. To get a reliable estimate, please view our shipping options.

What is the fastest way to get my order?

1. Submit a print-ready design

When a design is not print-ready, our design team sometimes has to request fonts, color codes, higher resolutions etc. For a speedy turnaround, please submit print-ready artwork.

2. Keep an eye on your inbox

The faster you give feedback on your design proof(s), the faster your artwork is ready to print. So check your emails and ensure the Sticker it email address is not flagged as spam.

3. Select an express shipping option

While our 4-working-day lead time cannot be sped up, shipping can. You can get your order within a few days after we've shipped it by choosing express shipping.