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Static Clings

Static Clings

Uses static to stick to windows and other smooth surfaces, making them easy to apply & remove.

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What are Static Clings?

What are static clings

Highly transparent

The close-to-invisible static cling material disappears into the background making your design pop.

Add highly opaque (non-see-thru) white ink behind colors to add depth. Where no white ink is present the colors appear translucent (see-thru).

Stick to the inside or outside

Static clings can be stuck to the inside or outside the window. They are resistant to water, chemicals, scratches, and fading in sunlight so can be applied outdoors.

Get any shape and size

Static clings get cut digitally in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size from 0.8" to 27.5" wide by up to 196.9" long for your stickers.

Sticks perfectly to glass & plastic

Static clings don’t use an adhesive to stick. They rely on static to stay in place.

This means they’ll stick to any smooth, non-porous surface. Sticking to glass is the most popular use, but they’ll also stick to some plastic & painted surfaces. 

Easy to remove

Because no adhesive is used on static cling samples, it's super easy to remove these & reuse them over and over.

If the surface gets dusty or dirty, simply clean using warm soapy water and reapply.

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Static clings - What you need to know

Custom static clings are the perfect stickers for promoting your small business or latest promotion. These clear static stickers are printed onto clear vinyl, making them durable and high-quality. 

Unlike standard custom vinyl stickers, cling does not use adhesive to stick to surface. Instead, they stick to flat, smooth surfaces using suction (not static electricity). This makes them perfect for temporary or even reusable advertising. 

How do these products work? 

Contrary to what it might sound, static stickers do not work with static energy. Static energy is created when you rubbed a balloon against your hair, for example. To create static electricity, two surfaces must touch to allow electrons to move from A to B.

When you order static stickers, you do not have to rub them against your head to make them work. Instead, the thin vinyl material has suction-like properties, allowing it to stick onto surfaces with a similar cohesive force.

When even light pressure is applied, the clings and your surface form an immediate bond - completely adhesive-free!

How long do custom cling decals last?

Custom vinyl clings can last up to one year when used indoors and six months outdoors. You can create custom cling decals for a variety of surfaces, including glass. But static cling decals will last longer when kept indoors and when the decals are protected from the elements.

How do you remove static cling?

Static cling is super easy to remove as they do not use any glue for the adhesive. Simply lift a corner of your vinyl cling and slowly lift the decal from the surface. Because the vinyl decals are so easy to remove, custom static stickers are a great options for glass windows, signs, and other products where you don't want permanent decals.

Does a cling decal work on both sides?

Yes, they work on either side. You can stick vinyl decals to the inside or outside of smooth, see-through surfaces. While you can put decals on the outside of windows, it is best to put your customized window clings inside to help protect the vinyl decals from the weather.

What is the difference between static and window cling?

There is no difference between custom static and window cling. Both are made from the same material (a clear PVC, also known as vinyl) and can be used to flat, smooth surfaces. Some cling is simply referred to as window clings to highlight this particular use case. However, you can also use a standard cling product on your windows.

Is cling adhesive waterproof?

Yes. Custom static cling decals are made from vinyl that is waterproof. We cover the printed layer with a clear gloss over-laminate so these stickers will resist water, harsh oils and other chemicals. You can customize your static stickers to your specific size, color, and custom artwork requirements.

How do you get custom static decals to stick?

Getting your decals to stick is all about the surface. Ensure you are sticking them to a smooth, flat surface. Decals often work best on glass. The cling material will then work like a suction cup and cling to your intended spot. When you purchase your decals, you'll receive instructions on how to use them.

Are static stickers reusable?

Yes, you can re-use your static stickers. However, remember that dirt and dust collect on the sticker’s surface with every use. This will interfere with its ability to cling, which is why we cannot guarantee full adherence when you re-use your clings. For the longest use from your personalized decals, we recommend keeping your window clings in the same spot.

How do I save window clings for next year?

After removing your window static, stick your clings to a flat, smooth surface, like the clear polypropylene sleeves often used to protect documents. This will allow you to store them securely without creasing the material. This will also help save the adhesive of the products. 

Are clings good for cars?

If you want to use static cling stickers on your car, we recommend sticking them to the inside of your car window. This way, your window clings will be protected from the elements and last for up to one year while still showing off your artwork. All of our static decals are customizable, so you can create a window cling design for your specific preferences. You can choose everything from the size to the color.

Do window clings go inside or outside?

For ultimate longevity, we recommend using your static stickers inside. This way, your decals will last up to one year. Your custom window clings are most commonly used on glass but decals can be used on a variety of other surfaces as well.

Are these clings transparent?

Yes, they can be. We print onto a transparent, static cling material so you can view your custom artwork through the material. This is a popular application when stuck to the inside of glass windows. We print a highly opaque (non-see-thru) white ink to give this static cling a non-transparent finish where required.

Do you print white ink?

Our digital printing technology allows us to get amazingly opaque (not see-thru) white. Using opaque white, we can create equally opaque colours. When printed behind a color on this transparent material, it gives that color fantastic vibrancy. 

Are you ready to start creating and get your favorites custom printed as cling stickers? These custom beauties are perfect for highlighting your next promotion, from signs to banners. You can use our free, pre-made template collection as a starting point for your custom prints, sign or banner. Choose from any of our custom shapes, from custom die cut stickers to rounded corners for your clings. 

And if you are unsure whether this product is right for you, try our custom samples. These allow you to test the material and your custom artwork, ensuring your satisfaction before placing a large order.