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Heavy duty samples

Heavy duty samples

10 custom samples for $9. Free US shipping. 8x thicker & 2x stickier than normal.
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What are Heavy duty samples?

What are heavy duty samples

8x thicker than standard stickers

We finish these heavy-duty samples with a 250-micron laminate which is super thick to ensure these samples withstand all types of punishment.

It still has fantastic clarity, so your design looks incredibly sharp. 

2x stickier than normal stickers

These samples are backed in an extra-permanent adhesive with a peel adhesion strength of 30N/25mm - over 2x stickier than standard labels!

These samples will stick to nearly anything you throw at them, even highly curved surfaces.

Get any size & shape up to 7.09"

Heavy duty samples are digitally cut in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size up to 7.09" wide and 7.09" long.

To get larger sizes, order the equivalent stickers or labels. We put a size limit to keep the costs down so you can get 10 for a lower price.

Individually cut

These heavy-duty samples are individually cut around your artwork. 

Check out the heavy-duty labels product if you'd prefer these on sheets.

Gloss finish

All heavy-duty samples get finished with a 250-micros clear gloss over-laminate that gives maximum protection to the printed layer.