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Eco-friendly glitter samples

Eco-friendly glitter samples

10 for $9 with free US shipping. Looks and feels like a plastic glitter sticker but is compostable.
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What are Eco-friendly glitter samples?

What are eco-friendly glitter samples

Compostable made from wood pulp

Made from wood pulp, this glittery material is certified compostable making it environmentally friendly.

It's printed with certified compostable & vegan inks on our HP Indigo printer.

Use indoors & short-term outdoors

This glittery material is made from organic compounds that will react to moisture. 

What that means it can get wet for short periods, but will not withstand the dishwasher or shower environment. It is, however, resistant to scratches & splash proof.

Get any shape and size up to 7.09"

Eco-friendly glitter samples get cut digitally in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size up to 7.09" wide and 7.09" long.

To get larger sizes, order the equivalent stickers or labels. We put a size limit to keep the costs down so you can get 10 for a low price

Sticks to most surfaces

Eco-friendly glitter samples come backed with a medium-strength adhesive, so stick to most surfaces, including slightly curved surfaces.

Gloss finish

These eco-friendly glitter samples have a gloss finish given to them by the compostable laminate we apply after printing to give protection.

Even though it’s made from wood pulp, it has amazing clarity and really emphasizes the sparkly effect.