3 Inch Round Labels Template

Template specifications

  • Description: 3 inch round labels template created by Sticker it for customers to use
  • Cutline: The magenta line around your stickers. This indicates the edge of your stickers and will not be printed.
  • Bleed: Extends beyond the cutline and ensures your colours print over the edge for an even finish.
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Formats available: PDF, AI, Word
  • Common uses: Logo stickers, Laptop stickers, Phone stickers, Water bottle stickers, Packaging seals, Labels for bottles, Jar labels

Custom round stickers are a great vessel to express yourself creatively and create professional branding and promotions that stand out. The circular shape is fun and versatile; you can create various graphics, playing with fonts and colours to achieve your desired design or look. While you can make circle stickers on Cricut, getting professionally printed stickers from Sticker it using their three-inch round labels template is a better way to produce high-quality stickers easily.

How to Design for a Three-Inch Round Labels Template

There are generally two ways to design for a three-inch round labels template (or a two-inch round labels template if you want to go for something smaller): by hand or using software. 

Designing stickers by hand gives you the creative freedom to design something completely from scratch from your own ideas or concepts. This allows you to craft designs that are usually more unique and natural. That said, you may be limited by your own artist skills, and you might not be able to accurately translate your work from paper (or a tablet) straight to the sticker.

Design software comes with its own benefits, like convenience and consistency. With tech on your side, you can access more features that let you play with your work in ways you can’t do by hand. Plus, you’ll have an easier time sending your work to printers to get designs that look just like you intended once printed.

Whether you’re designing by hand or with software, it’s best to start with a concept. Begin with an idea that you already have. If you need to solidify the image in your mind, it helps to look for some inspiration online. You can browse existing icons, abstract images or try design inspiration websites like 99designs.

Uses of Three-Inch Round Label Stickers

There are plenty of ways to use three-inch round label stickers. Here are some ideas:

Professional Uses

Businesses can use stickers to label their products, promote their brands, and even sell them as additional merchandise. Here’s a closer look into these professional applications:

Product Label

Add names, descriptions, instructions, or other relevant information to three-inch round label stickers and stick them on your products. These can improve your customer’s experience while giving your products a nice aesthetic boost.

Promotional Materials

Stickers work great as promotional materials because they can feature different designs. You can include discount codes, limited edition announcements or even just your logo. People often display logo stickers on their personal belongings, which doubles as marketing for your business!


Does your business have a solid brand concept? Then you can apply your typefaces, colours, icons, slogans, etc. to your stickers and sell them as additional merchandise on your product line. If you do not want to sell them, add them to every order for free - customers will love it!

Personal Uses

Everyone can make stickers for personal use, whether solely for creative expression or practical purposes. Here are a few ways to do it:

Gift Tags

Personalised gift tags bring a new level of sophistication and personalization to any gift, and you can make your own using three-inch round labels. You can design something for all occasions or make specific themed ones. If you want them extra-personalised, get blank paper stickers that allow you to write special messages for your loved ones.


You can use a three-inch round label template to create stickers for decoration. Go crazy with the designs, then apply them to your belongings, from your laptop to your water bottle!

Organisational Labels

If you’re the organised type or desperately need to tidy up your office, round sticker labels can functiol as organisational labels. You can use simple designs to identify and categorise your belongings.

Tips for Making Three-Inch Round Label Stickers

Here are some tips to help you make three-inch round label stickers that are nifty, beautiful, and versatile:

Focus on Purpose

Before you even start designing, think of why you want stickers. This helps you to narrow down your ideas and create something that will serve your intended purpose.

Maximise the Space

Three inches is a lot of space to play with for a round sticker, but that doesn’t mean that you should waste any part of it. Choose designs that best make use of the areas of the sticker. At the same time, try not to overcrowd your stickers. Strive for a balance between design elements, texts and white space.

Pay Attention to Cohesion

To make your stickers stand out, you must pay attention to aesthetics. Play around with colours, fonts, and graphics until you get a cohesive design that doesn’t clash nor is hard to look at.

Three-Inch Round Labels Template for Stickers on Sticker it

Sticker it’s three-inch round labels template is the starting point to create and print high-quality, vivid stickers for your business or personal use. Get in touch with the pros at Sticker it to print what you’ve already crafted in a jiff!