2 Inch Round Labels Template

Template specifications

  • Description: 2 inch round labels template created by Sticker it for customers to use
  • Cutline: The magenta line around your stickers. This indicates the edge of your stickers and will not be printed.
  • Bleed: Extends beyond the cutline and ensures your colours print over the edge for an even finish.
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Formats available: PDF, AI, Word
  • Common uses: Logo stickers, Laptop stickers, Phone stickers, Water bottle stickers, Packaging seals, Labels for bottles, Jar labels 

Circular sticky labels are great for various applications. You can use them as personal creative decals to decorate your notebooks, laptops, or even water bottles; you can also turn them into branding materials for your business, such as sticker logos or packaging labels. And with Sticker it’s two-inch round labels template (or the one-inch round labels template or the three-inch round labels template if you need to go smaller or bigger), you can easily create all sorts of round stickers for whatever purpose you need, and duplicate them to share or sell with others!

What Can I Do With a Two-Inch Round Labels Template?

You’ve got a vision of eye-catching round label stickers. But for what? Whether you’re getting creative for practical or decorative reasons, here are some things you can do with a two-inch round labels template from Sticker It:

Product Labels

Business owners can create labels that display information such as the name, price, ingredients of, or use instructions for products. Stick them on your merchandise to improve your customer’s brand impression and experience.

Branding Materials

If you need to boost your brand, service, or even your designer’s portfolio, you can use two-inch round stickers for logos, brand stickers, and other promotional items. You can give them away with every purchase from your business or even sell them as additional products.

Event Badges

Business representatives often hold or attend conferences, trade shows, and other professional events. Circular stickers can be used here as event badges, displaying the name, job title, and additional relevant information of attendees.

Organisational Labels

For people who love to keep their things in a row, a two-inch round labels template can start a whole collection of organizational labels to mark files or folders or identify containers, packages, etc.

Gift Tags

A two-inch round labels template can be utilisd to create gift tags for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or parties. You can customise them with text and graphics, matching the occasion’s theme.


Round sticker labels are great for various DIY activities such as scrapbooking, card-making, etc. You can print out different colours, patterns, and graphics on a two-inch round labels template and use them to add flair to your other creative ventures!

Tips for Creating With a Two-Inch Round Labels Template

Given the size and shape of a two-inch round labels template, you must create optimised designs to catch people’s attention and deliver the message or theme you’d like. Here are some ways to ensure that you do just that:

Think About Purpose

When creating a two-inch round labels template, zero in on your purpose. What are you making these label stickers for? That should primarily inform how your stickers will turn out.

Maximise the Space

While two inches isn’t a lot of space, it can still deliver a significant impact if you know how to maximise every area of the sticker. Look at how you can efficiently use the real estate without adding too many graphics or too much text.

Play With Colors and Font

The best way to make two-inch round labels stand out is to play with your chosen design elements, specifically the colours and the font. Find a cohesive style that’s pleasing to look at—something that people will be proud to show off.

Do a Test Print

Some ideas might look fantastic in your mind, but don’t translate well to paper (or software). To get as close as you can to your original vision, it’s important to take test prints. Testing your design allows you to spot potential mistakes early. For example, if you print a sticker design that looks a little washed out in print or has a font that turns out to be too small for its purpose, you can make the necessary revisions before producing mass amounts.

Work With the Pros

If you’ve got a general idea of what you want for your two-inch round labels template but aren’t sure how to bring it to life, know that you can always work with pros, like the experts at Sticker it, to bring concepts to fruition. This route is excellent as their expertise may even produce better stickers than you imagined!

Make Creative Decals with Sticker it’s Two-Inch Round Labels Template

Whether you need circular stickers for your business or personal creative expression, Sticker it’s two-inch round labels template is the best way to make multiple high-quality prints of your designs. Get in touch with Sticker it to get started!