Where to Sell Your Stickers

Diving into the world of selling stickers can be a fun endeavour for anybody with a creative eye, and it can make you money in the process. Providing you have a creative eye and ideas for stickers that can appeal to either a wide range of clients or a specific niche, the sticker business can yield some great results.

One element that makes this such a potentially lucrative business is the fact that demand for quality stickers is so high and the costs for producing them is relatively low. It’s also possible to make stickers online from a sketch or other illustration, so it’s easy to create your ideal stickers. To top it all off, the endless possibilities of theme, size, color, and design mean the stickers that you offer your clients can constantly evolve, making it a rewarding and enjoyable job.

If selling stickers is something that appeals to you, you should definitely consider it as a professional venture. However, you’ll need to know where you can sell stickers in order for it to be a real success. In this article, we’ll run through some of the popular places to sell stickers.

Biodegradable paper sheet labels with logo and sealed with love design used as a packaging seal on a cardboard box

Online Platforms

The internet is an amazing tool to reach potential customers. There are countless online marketplaces specifically tailored to selling custom-made goods, such as Etsy and Redbubble. These websites allow artists to upload artwork onto different types of products, like stickers, then sell them directly to customers. 

Another advantage of using websites like this to sell your stickers is that these platforms will assist you with the process of selling stickers, from payment processing to shipping to managing reviews, all of which are important elements you will need to provide. Making money selling custom stickers is completely feasible online, whether it be sticker ideas for businesses or designs for individuals looking to purchase labels for their personal projects. 

Social Media Platforms

One of social media’s most powerful attributes is its ability to bring like-minded people together, and it can therefore be very effective at providing a space for people to find audiences for their business. Facebook and Instagram are two of the best platforms for this, given their wide audience and the fact you can provide pictures and videos of your products. Depending on the type of stickers you make, you can join specific groups or target your audience directly. You can also use these platforms to learn from others and get inspiration.

Craft Fairs and Local Markets

Craft fairs and local markets are a wonderful place to get out into the community and showcase your stickers. It’s also a place where you can meet others who might need stickers, such as food producers or individual creatives. 

Markets are the place for face-to-face marketing. They are unique places where people can put a face to the stickers, and you can tell customers the story of your business. Another advantage of craft fairs is that they tend to attract more local buyers, which means lower transportation costs compared with shipping products overseas. 


Another option for selling stickers is in retail stores. You can sell them individually, in packets of multiple stickers, or work with others to prepare your stickers for products that may need them. If you market your stickers effectively, retailers may also approach you to make bulk purchases.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to sell stickers professionally, you won’t be short of ideas for places you can successfully build your business. Once you know which clients you want to pursue and where they can be found, you can decide on the best places for you to sell. If you are passionate about what you do, get yourself—and your unique stickers—out there!

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