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Why choose Sticker it

  • 27 million+ custom stickers printed
  • 18,000+ customers trust us
  • Easy ordering process
  • Real people to help you
  • The best possible colour accuracy
  • Fast delivery
  • Expert design team double-check your artwork
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • The printer of choice for the world’s best brands
  • A wide range of eco-friendly options
Michelin testimonial image

"Quality stickers"

"At Michelin... We need a quality sticker that reflects the premium status of our brand... This is exactly what Sticker it delivered…in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Highly recommended."


Stickers, labels & decals: what’s the difference?

Nothing. Technically, these terms are all completely interchangeable. They all refer to custom adhesive-backed material pieces, usually printed.

However, the custom printing industry uses these general definitions for these adhesive-backed products:

  • Stickers: individually cut
  • Labels: on rolls or on sheets
  • Decals: larger pieces but still individually cut

If you want to custom make stickers, it’s best to keep these broad definitions in mind to get what you want.

How to find the right product for me

We’ve spent hundreds of hours creating lots of great custom resources online to help you choose the best sticker for your application.

Watch this video for an overview of all the different custom stickers we print. Or download our free guide to help choose the right printed stickers for your brand or project.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that custom-cut vinyl stickers are the perfect all-rounder. Custom vinyl is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors for years. Check out more about how to make stickers waterproof. On top of that, they are easy to remove and will not leave any residue or damage your surface.

You prefer a real sticker sample you can have in your hand? We have two choices for you:

  • Buy a £1 material sample pack that gives you an example of each material we use to produce custom stickers, helping you choose by seeing the quality of the sticker material before ordering. You can get your favourites custom printed.
  • Get ten custom printed sample stickers for only £9, with free delivery. Great if you want to see your exact logo or business sticker design or colours as a physical sticker before ordering a larger batch of custom stickers.

When should I use stickers?

Use printed stickers to brand anything or everything. Every customer interaction is a chance to impress, to promote, and to grow.

Stickers are the lowest cost, most flexible way to do this (from only a few pennies per sticker). That’s why we make it easy to create and print your stickers - with a custom twist.

Join some leading brands that have used stickers to promote and grow their brands, including; Spotify, Basecamp, Reddit, and many more.

Vinyl stickers on laptops, custom product packaging, and sticker giveaways to influencers or customers are some of the most effective uses of stickers to help your brand grow.

You can also make a custom QR code sticker for your business, invest in die cut business cards, or print a cute custom cat vinyl sticker for your devices.

Oh, and while we are here, let's not forget about our custom labels selection. You can get anything; from paper labels to glossy labels.

If you want your labels matte, please contact us before placing your order. if you are happy with your labels glossy, simply place your order and you are good to go.

A low-cost form of marketing

Google itself says there are 3.3 billion mentions of brands per day & 94% of these mentions occur offline. And we know many consumers say they’re highly likely to purchase an item based on word of mouth.

Having your brand promoted by using a sticker on your products, packaging and by your loyal customers is a beautiful thing. Imagine people on packed commuter trains all seeing your brand’s custom sticker on the back of a loyal customer's laptop, especially when they’re ready to sing your praises. That can be really powerful.

The price of stickers is comparatively low - and with our quick pricing calculator on every page you can get an instant, custom quote based on your sticker needs. Simply add your size, pick your vinyl or paper material and select your custom quantity to see your original price. Then all that is left to do is upload your custom artwork and check out.

And trust us, allowing your brand to turn loyal customers into raving brand advocates is well worth the investment.

Why buy stickers from Sticker it?

We’re a specialist custom sticker printing brand that focuses on bringing you the highest quality custom stickers.

We invest heavily in technology to make it easy to buy a custom sticker online in minutes, shorten delivery times and relentlessly improve the quality of our products.

All printed stickers are made with passion in the UK and delivered in days. If for some reason you’re not happy, we have a 100% money-back guarantee. No hassle. No risk.

As a sticker manufacturer, we have printed over 12 million custom stickers for 9000+ of the largest & smallest brands on the planet, and aim to be the world’s choice of sticker maker.

If you’re unsure about anything, please get in touch. We’ll get back to you within a few hours (Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm) with a detailed answer that helps you in your quest to get the best custom stickers.