How to Get Stickers Made With Your Logo

Having stickers made with your company logo is a fantastic and simple way to promote your brand. Apple do it. Reddit do it. Vans do it. What about you?
Logo stickers can be applied to nearly anything, and tend to last a long time.

Getting sticker logos printed has never been easier, thanks to Sticker it. You don’t need to be a high-level graphic designer or print shop expert to understand how our site works. In fact, you can get your custom logo stickers printed and shipped to your door in fewer than five business days, with just a few simple clicks.

Holographic sticker kiss cut applied to a blue phone

Choose a Shape and Style

You can choose from a variety of stickers, such as die-cut and kiss-cut, to make sure your stickers are ready to hand out to your customers and as easy to peel as possible. 

Thanks to precision sticker-cutting tools, we can make stickers in any shape you can dream up. It doesn’t have to be a rectangle or circle any more—our die-cut stickers can be anything, from the shape of an animal to the silhouette of a flower. 

Tiny, Gigantic, and Anything in Between

Choose the sticker size that fits your business. Whether you need something as simple as small dots stickers, or a large logo sticker meant to represent the face of your product, we have you covered. Simply input the size you need based on the widest and tallest points of your logo, and we’ll do the rest. 

Eco-Friendly, Laminate Waterproof, and Many More

Not every sticker is right for every application. That's why we have a variety of sticker materials to suit your needs. If you need something that will stand up to the elements in a high-touch environment, such as mountain bike logos stickers, our laminate options will keep your logo looking great in the most punishing of environments.

Alternatively, for those looking for the latest in eco-friendly options, we have a range of materials that are biodegradable and made from natural materials like sugarcane fibre. We also use vegan, UV-cured and solvent-free inks to make our eco-friendly stickers as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ready to Save Some Serious Cash? Buy In Bulk

The cost to make business stickers drops dramatically with our bulk orders—you can save up to 90% per sticker when you order in larger quantities. However, we understand not every business is ready to commit to a 5,000-piece sticker order. Therefore, we have stickers available in any quantity you need, from sixteen to 6,000. Sticker It can print any quantity you’d like, no matter how large or small. 

Send Us Your Artwork and We’ll Send You a Proof for Approval

The last thing you need to do is upload your logo. It’s best practice to choose an image file with 300 DPI. Vector files with colours converted to CMYK and text converted to outlines to ensure the best quality finish.

Now that your image is uploaded and your order has been placed, you’ll receive an email within twelve working hours from our team of experts showing you exactly what your sticker will look like within twelve workings. This is your chance to make any alterations—let us know what you’d like changed. Once you’re happy, we’ll have your stickers printed and shipped in fewer than five business days.

Customise With Sticker it

Every company needs a logo, and every brand needs to be seen. Make sure your company gets seen with custom stickers delivered right to your door!

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