How Much Does It Cost to Make Business Stickers?

Sticker it understands that cost matters when you own a business, especially when you run on tight margins. In today’s world of inflation and sky-high labour costs, the last thing you want to worry about is another unpredictable bill.

Thankfully, Sticker it has made it a priority to be transparent about our pricing. And with our cutting-edge technology logo sticker printing has never been easier and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how to make a custom sticker and see the cost before you buy company stickers with your logo.

Kiss cut glitter stickers with ice cream logo

Pick a Product

Let us know what type of sticker you’ll be needing for your business. We have several types to choose from, such as die-cut or kiss-cut, which are great for making stickers in any shape you can dream up. 

On the other hand, if you have a logo that fits well with a basic shape, choose from one of our standard shapes such as rectangle, square, oval, or circle. Depending on the size of the product you select, the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

What Size Sticker Do You Need?

The size of your sticker will be a major determining factor of its cost—the larger your sticker, the more material we will use, and the more expensive your order will be. 

However, we do not recommend opting for the smallest size to save money. In our experience, the best way to save money on sticker printing is to get exactly what you need, so you do not have to trial and error your orders. 

Find a size that fits both your brand and your budget. Then, simply enter the dimensions based on the widest and highest points of your sticker, regardless of shape. 

Laminate Waterproof, Holographic, and More

The next step is to choose the material you want your sticker printed on. Sticker It has a huge variety of materials, finishes, and inks to choose from. Whether you need a sticker that will be stuck to a wet, high-touch area such as a steel water bottle or a simple label for a product that will only be touched a single time when your product is opened, we have your needs covered.

Quantity and Quality

This is where the savings really start adding up. Don’t think that you have to choose a low-quality sticker for the price to go down. An excellent way to save money is by ordering stickers in bulk—the more you buy, the more you save. You’ll find steep discounts when you order a large batch of stickers. That said, we’re happy to print any quantity you desire, no matter how large or small.
With our instant custom quotes, you can play around with the materials, shapes and sizes to get a personalised quote that suits your budget.

Upload Your Art and Head to Check Out

The last thing you’ll do is upload your artwork. If you want to submit a bitmap (a photo, essentially) ensure and choose an image file that has the highest possible resolution—this will prevent pixelation when the image is printed. For any other files, we recommend uploading a vector image, a file type that can be expanded to any size without pixelation. 

After your art is uploaded, you’ll see our personalised quote before you commit to your purchase. Don’t worry, this isn’t actually the final step—within twelve working hours, you’ll be sent a digital proof. A digital proof is a representation of how your sticker will look. We send this to you via email before we print your stickers. This gives you the chance to double-check your design or ask for unlimited changes made before we print and ship your order. 

Get Samples Before You Place a Large Order

Want to save some serious cash by ordering in bulk, but you’re worried about getting stickers made with your logo and it not being perfect? No worries! Simply order one of our sample packs. 

We have two options when it comes to sampling packs. If you want to see and feel our various sticker types before ordering, you can order one of our free sample packs with generic images. Alternatively, you can test your logo on your material of choice with our custom samples for just $9. This is a great way to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want before placing a bulk order. 

Brand It With Sticker it

Custom marketing materials used to be available only to big companies that had extra money to spend, but not anymore. With Sticker it’s custom stickers, you can get exactly the look you want for an affordable price, and you’ll know exactly what it costs every step of the way!

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