Can I get my design on a sheet?

Yes, you can get any design on a sheet. We refer to designs printed onto a sheet as custom labels.

Here is how you do that on our website:

  • Choose which type of sheet label you want. 
  • Enter your size, the material or shape (depending on which product you chose), and the quantity you'd like. Read more below to understand which size to enter.
  • Upload your artwork.
  • Hit "checkout".
  • Within 12 working hours, we'll send you a design proof to approve.
  • Once approved, we will ship your labels within 4 working days.

Before we jump, let's quickly talk about the difference between stickers, labels and sticker sheets.

  • A sticker is individually cut. When you order 500 stickers, you will get 500 individually cut stickers
  • A label is printed onto sheets or rolls. This makes them much easier to peel. When you order 500 labels, you will get them printed onto a number of sheets or one roll.
  • A sticker sheet contains your labels. You can also refer to them as sheet labels. When you order 500 sticker sheets, you will get 500 sheets with your designs on.

You can have your stickers, labels and sticker sheets printed onto any of our materials and cut into any shape. They will just arrive either printed onto sheets (labels) or individually cut (stickers).

Do I enter my sheet size or the size of the individual label?

You can do both. It sounds confusing, but it is actually super simple.

  • Do you want, say, 500 4x4cm labels on sheets? Then simply enter these dimensions and the total quantity of labels you want. Following this example, you will then receive 500 individual labels on several sheets.
  • Are you looking for 300 A5 sheets? Then you can enter the dimension of your sheet and the overall quantity of sheets you want. Your order will then contain 300 A5 sheets.

That is all you need to know. We do recommend entering the size of your individual label when you want one single design at one size printed onto your sheets. If you want multiple designs at different sizes on one sheet, entering the sheet size is a much better way to do it. You can find out more about both options below.

How to get a single design on your sheet

If you want several copies of the same design on sticker sheets, treat your label like you would treat a sticker. Choose the product you want, enter the size of your individual label and give us the total amount of labels your want.

The image below shows 4000 2x2cm circle labels printed on sheets. The customer simply went to our circle labels product page, entered the dimensions of 2x2cm and a quantity of 400.

Clear labels with munch design applied to a food container and a cardboard coffee cup

Our design team will then place them on sheets for you in the most efficient way. Usually, the sheets will be approximately A4 size (210 x 297mm). We will send you a design proof before printing to ensure you're happy with everything.

Your design proof will have two cut lines. None of them will be printed onto your final sheet. The green line indicates the edge of your labels (aka where we will cut them) and the magenta line represents the edge of your sheet.

Design proof of a sticker sheet

How to get multiple designs on your sheet

Multiple designs on a sheet are a great idea for promotions or brand packs. Our very own sample packs contain multiple designing on a sticker sheet. Remember, here you are ordering the total number of sheets you want.

A die cut eco-friendly glitter sticker sheet with various designs, some applied to a yellow notebook

If this is what you want, there are two ways you can upload your artwork:

Arrange all your designs on one sheet

Create and upload your artwork for how you want your sheet labels to look with each design laid out exactly how you want it. Keep on mind that each design on your sheet needs to be 2cm or larger and 4mm apart, like this:

Visual representation of the distance each design has to have on a sheet label

o you want to learn more about how to design custom labels? Then have a look at our in-depth "How to design your own custom labels".

Upload your artwork as a .zip file

If you are not sure how to create your final artwork, you can simply combine all the designs you want into a .zip file and upload that. Our design team will then arrange the designs for you and send your a design proof to approve.

The sheet will be whatever size you asked for. The quantity you enter will be the final quantity of sheets you receive.

When to choose labels on sheets over custom stickers

Now, you might be thinking, "Why would I want my design on a sheet?". That is a good question, and we have some good answers for you.

Labels that are printed onto sheets are much easier to peel than individually cut stickers. That might not seem like a big advantage, but when you have to apply hundreds of labels at a time, sheets can be a real time saver.

We always recommend choosing sheets over custom stickers when you are looking for labels to apply to your products or packaging or in-house branding in general. They are simply easier to handle and store. And your hands and fingernails will thank you!

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