Why Should I Buy From You?

There are plenty of professional sticker and label printers out there - not to mention that, with a few investments and a little bit of skill, you could probably make your own stickers and labels. So why should you trust? And why buy your custom stickers and labels from Sticker it?

Here are the top reasons why we should be your number one choice for all things stickers and labels:

We have the world's best digital printer 💯

And we are not just saying that. The HP Indigo press is the Rolls Royce of printers. We do not want to bore you with details (but if you are curious, you can read all about why our printer matters here). What is important to you is that we can offer you the best print quality. No other digital printer can deliver the results ours can. See for yourself!

HP Indigo icon

You get free, unlimited design proofs ✅

Ordering stickers online can be scary. You can't see what you are buying until it arrives. We don't want you to cross your fingers and hope for the best. That is why we send you a digital representation of what your stickers and labels will look like after you have placed your order.

This is called a digital design proof and will be in your inbox within 12 hours after placing your order. You have to officially approve that proof for us to send your design to print.

This gives you ultimate control and allows you to double-check your artwork. You can also ask for unlimited amounts of changes which our design team will action until you are happy. Each iteration will be sent to you again. Nothing gets printed without your "okay".

Example of a design proof of a die cut sticker with a bleed and a cutline added

Over 10 million stickers and labels printed 🌟

We have been printing stickers and labels since 2007 - and seen pretty much everything. Our sister brand Kartdavid is the leader in its market and sells to top drivers, teams and manufacturers all over the world.

Growing up in the motor sport industry has been ultra-competitive, along with having to create the brightest and most durable stickers on the market. Our experience has allowed us to develop custom materials to create some of the best stickers and labels available on the market today.

We have even printed stickers and labels for some of the world's biggest brands. You can browse them below

The widest eco-friendly range 🌱

Speaking of materials, you can not only choose between the best premium materials but also go eco-friendly without compromising on price or quality. We are among the only sticker and label printers in the world that offers biodegradable paper, as well as eco-friendly white, clear, silver, gold, glitter and holographic materials. All are vegan and compostable!

Eco-friendly holographic sticker with retional facial serum logo applied to a clear cosmetics bottle

Money back guarantee 💸

Sometimes all you need is a potential way out, right? Do not worry; we've got you. We love our products and believe you will too. So if, for any reason, you should not be happy with your stickers and labels, contact us.

Simply email us and explain the issue you are having with your stickers and labels. The more photos you can send us, the better. This will allow us to understand what has gone wrong and fix it asap. Our customer service team will aim to resolve any issue that might occur with a reprint or a refund.

But rest assured, our lovely customers have given us over 1000+ 4.7 star reviews over the last few years, so you are in good hands!

What do you think? Are you ready to give us a try and get the best stickers and labels? Then here are the best places to start:

  • Browse our range
  • Take our quiz and find your perfect sticker match
  • Order a material sample pack to feel our quality
  • Get a personalized recommendation from our team
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