What Is A Biodegradable Paper Sticker?

Let's highlight one of our favorite sustainable stickers: Biodegradable paper stickers are custom stickers that are made from a paper material. It only refers to the material the sticker is made out of, not the shape of the sticker.

What makes our paper stickers special is that they are not made from regular sticker paper. Instead, we use biodegradable paper, which makes these stickers a great environmentally friendly option. Read on to find out more about these sticky and sustainable beauties.

Die cut biodegradable paper stickers applied to a cardboard box filled with lavender soap

What is biodegradable sticker paper?

The biodegradable sticker paper we use for these stickers is mainly made from sugarcane fibres and a little bit of hemp and linen, making these paper stickers completely wood-free.

Sugarcane is a type of grass. As its name suggests, it is mainly used for making sugar. When sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract the sugar, they leave a residue. This is called bagasse and is essentially a by-product of this process.

Our biodegradable paper stickers are made from this by-product. This gives them a premium feel, a matte finish and makes them much more resistant than standard sticker paper.

And the best thing? These paper stickers are compostable. You or your customers can simply put them in the food waste bin, and they will decompose within 12 weeks.

Vinyl stickers vs paper stickers

The main difference between vinyl stickers and paper stickers is the material they are made out of and how durable they are.

Our vinyl stickers are made from polypropylene, a widely recycled plastic. Vinyl stickers are ideal for indoor use and outdoor use.

They are perfect for applications that need custom waterproof stickers, such as shower gel labels or outdoor products, logo stickers for handouts, or re-selling as bumper stickers or laptop stickers.

Paper stickers, on the other hand, are not as durable. We recommend mainly using them indoors. But, as we already mentioned, they are fully compostable, which makes them perfect for branding purposes for sustainable businesses. But more on that below.

Find out more in our article "How to get sustainable stickers".

How to use biodegradable paper stickers

Biodegradable paper stickers and labels are just perfect for a small business that wants to be more eco-friendly or sustainable brands that want to share their message with new and existing customers. They are also perfect for private use or to celebrate a special day.

Here are our top ways to use biodegradable paper stickers and labels:

  • sustainable logo stickers
  • product branding for environmentally friendly brands
  • packaging stickers
  • quality seals for premium packaging
  • limited edition stickers
  • scrapbooking and planner stickers
  • laptop stickers
  • phone stickers
  • labels for bottles and jars

Can I get my stickers printed on glossy sticker paper?

Rectangular clear labels applied to clear soap dispensers next to bars of soap

We use a matte sticker paper to print our biodegradable paper stickers and labels. If you are looking for a glossy sustainable sticker option, have a look at our eco-friendly stickers.

These are made from wood pulp and available in a white material or with a transparent background, as you can see below. Eco-friendly stickers look and feel like plastic, but they are just as compostable as our paper stickers.

Do you want to check out our biodegradable paper stickers? Or are you on the hunt for more information on sticker printing and sustainable stickers? Then have a look at our blog for more.

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