How to Get Sustainable Stickers

Stickers can be sustainable.

With a growing trend towards sustainability and combating climate change, it is essential that stickers play their part.

Brands need to portray their identity using stickers, so we’re here to make sure this doesn’t impact the environment.

At Sticker it, we’re constantly looking to make stickers & the manufacturing process more efficient and sustainable than ever.

Square biodegradable paper sticker with save the ocean design hand held

What is the most sustainable sticker?

The most environmentally-friendly sticker we’ve found uses a material made from 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen.

These stickers are 100% biodegradable and will decompose completely.

They’re splashproof and have a matte finish. This biodegradable ‘paper’ is printed in full color with an HP Indigo that uses no solvents in its ink, so it doesn't release harmful gasses.

We use this material to make our biodegradable paper stickers.

If you want to understand this material in detail, see the Biodegradable Paper Datasheet.

Other environmentally friendly options

Besides biodegradable paper stickers, we also offer a whole host of eco-friendly sticker options made from wood pulp. These are available in different effects to add some eco-friendly sparkles to your design.

There are also stickers made from plastic that can be recycled along with the packaging they’re applied to.

PET (polyester) and PP (polypropylene) stickers are both widely recyclable, which makes them extensively used in food & drinks packaging.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is also widely used however isn’t quite as easy to recycle. Many manufacturers are moving to PVC products, and Sticker it is also doing exactly this, so reduce the impact of PVCs on the environment.

Our extremely popular white, clear, holographic, glitter, mirror silver and mirror gold stickers are all printed on a widely recyclable PP material.

What can biodegradable stickers be used for?

Here are some ideas but it’s certainly not extensive:

  • Sustainable food packaging
  • Laptop stickers
  • Drinks bottle labeling, including wine bottles
  • General logo and branding stickers
  • Jars & other food products
  • Shipping box branding

Biodegradable material has a medium-strength adhesive making them suitable for a whole range of applications. It’s suitable for indoor use, is waterproof and safe for contact with food. 

If you have other ideas on how you’d like to use biodegradable stickers, please get in contact with us. Until then, enjoy browsing our world of sticker printing!

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