The Top 3 Uses of Custom Labels

simply as custom labelling can transform the entire look of your brand, business or product range.

But what does it mean to use custom made labels "right"? And how exactly can these sticky pieces of plastic or paper "transform" a business? Surely shopping ads or Google Ads would make a bigger impact?

Yes, ad spend still matters, and custom labels are not magical. But in this blog post, you will not only find out what labels are and why you should use them, but we will also cover the most popular and effective ways to use them. Are you ready to find out more?

What are custom labels?

Custom labels are different from custom stickers. When you order, say, 500 stickers, you will receive 500 individually cut stickers. When you order 500 labels, your labels will arrive on a sheet. For example, you could receive 10 sheets with 50 labels printed onto each.

This might not seem like a big difference, and, once applied, your stickers and labels will look identical. However, if you want to brand your own products, custom labels can be a lifesaver.

Thanks to the extra material, sheet labels are much easier and faster to peel than stickers. And when you have to apply hundreds of labels, this can save you valuable time - and nerves. You can find out more in our article "How are custom labels made". 

Rectangle glitter labels in different colours used as honey jar labels

Why should I use custom labels? 

But what makes custom labels better than bespoke printing? Or custom mailers? Why should you use custom labels to brand your products? Here are five benefits of choosing custom labels over other marketing tools:

Customize them

Choosing custom labels means waving goodbye to compromises. When you go custom, you can choose the material you want your labels printed on, the shape you want them to have and the exact size you need. 

Make them fit your budget

Unlike other marketing or branding solutions, custom labels are affordable, no matter the size of your business or budget. If you are working with a tight budget, adjust the size or number of labels you want to order. Once you have a higher budget, you can think of investing in premium effect material like our holographic or glitter label materials.

Design your own artwork

Who says that you have to settle for generic designs? With custom labels, you are in control and can submit your own artwork. You can either create your own label design, hire a professional, or use free online tools like our very own Graphic to design high-quality artwork in minutes. Browse hundreds of templates and elements to get inspired, or edit them until they match your brand.

Get as many as you need

Maybe you need hundreds of product labels for your company. Maybe you want to start small. Maybe you have a limited edition of 256 products. Get exactly the number of labels you need. No set volumes, no minimum quantities - only pay for what you really need. Psst, we do offer bulk discounts, so keep an eye out for those when generating your instant quote on each product page.

Create a professional look

Custom labels can help you achieve a professional look for your business. Thanks to the wide range of materials, shapes and sizes available, you can find the perfect label for your business and products. This attention to detail is sure to impress potential buyers and show them that you are a serious business with high standards. It may even encourage them to buy your product over a competitor's.

The best ways to use custom labels

Now that we know why to use custom labels, it is time to look at how we can get the most out of them. Below, you will find our top 3 ways of using custom labels for your business. This list is, of course, not exhaustive. It is simply a snapshot of the most effective way of using custom labels. 

1. Custom labeling

What are custom labels great for? Labeling. Shocking, isn't it?

But we are not talking about just any type of labeling. We mean custom labeling. This means that you can include your specific product data on your design instead of having to opt for standard copy and pricing or bar code labels.

With custom labels, you can put your own spin on all of these components. Highlight specific product groups, segment products using different designs, or create entirely need labels to expand your product feed.

You can even use the same design for other campaigns such as direct mail marketing campaigns, seasonal sales or social media contests. 

2. Packaging seals

But you do not have to use your labels for just labeling. Instead, why not use your custom label as a packaging seal?

A packaging seal is a label that is applied over the top of your packaging lids. It shows your customers that the product has not been opened since leaving your production facility and also secures your products during transport or shipping.

By using a packaging seal, you can create an air of trust and professionalism around your product. This can help boost your sales, as potential buyers will be more likely to trust your product if it looks professional and well-made. Have a look at the example below to get a better idea of how packaging seals can look like.

Sheet of circle eco-friendly glitter labels with gh logo and one applied to secure wrapping paper

3. Temporary promotions

Limited edition sales and temporary promotions have a firm place in marketing. No matter if it is a flash sale or a seasonal campaign, they are a great way to boost your sales.

But why? Limited promotions activate the scarcity principle. This psychological concept states that people are more likely to want something if they think it is rare or hard to come by.

When you advertise a limited edition sale, you are playing into this principle and enticing customers to buy your product before it runs out. You can also create a sense of urgency by adding a time limit to your promotion. This will encourage customers to take action sooner rather than later.

What do you need for this to work? A custom label that makes the product within this campaign stand out. Have a look at our fluorescent labels or our mirror gold level to generate visibility and add a touch of luxury to your products.

And those are our favorite ways to use custom labels. Are you ready to print your own labels?

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