Helping Through COVID-19

I am amazed every day reading the news and seeing the thousands of brilliant people who have risen to the challenge to combat the coronavirus.

At this time when we are all uncertain about what the future will bring, at Sticker it we wanted to do our bit to help.

We are doing this in 2 ways:

  1. We are committing to give half our profits from 30th April to the end of June 2020 to the NHS, via Virgin Money Giving.

  2. We’re giving away one of the stickers shown below with every order, to help people to show their support of the NHS.

 Pile of protect the nhs die cut stickers

We want to thank the NHS for the incredible hard work and risks they are taking to save so many lives every single day.

My wife, Jess, works in healthcare which has given me a glimpse into how the coronavirus has turned many of their lives upside down. It’s incredible how they are pulling together to tackle the virus and I have great respect for them.

We also want to send our love to families all over the world who have lost loved ones. We are thinking of you.

Taking care of our team

During this pandemic, we’re taking great care to ensure all our team stays safe and healthy. We’re all working from home where possible and our awesome production team is working in shift patterns to minimize contact with one another.

Finally, I believe all bad things come to an end and that we’ll come out of this stronger and more united than ever.

Please stay safe.

Love David and the team at Sticker it.

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