Custom labels FAQ

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What size do I enter for labels?

If you want multiple designs per sticker sheet, enter the full sheet size in the pricing calculator above and upload your artwork for the full sheet.

If you want the same label on a single sheet, enter the size of the label you want. We will make your sheet size approximately A4 unless you ask specifically for another size.

You can do this in the additional instructions after uploading your artwork.

Are labels waterproof?

If you choose a waterproof material, your labels will be waterproof. Our waterproof materials include:

  • White vinyl
  • Clear vinyl
  • Holographic
  • Glitter
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Fluorescent
  • Transfer
  • Wall vinyl
  • Floor vinyl

For more details on waterproof labels, read our in-depth article on which stickers and labels are waterproof.

Can I have more than one design on a sheet?

Yes, you can get multiple designs on a sheet without any extra cost.

If you would like multiple designs on one sheet, please enter the sheet size in the pricing calculator above.

You can either combine your designs in a .zip file and we will arrange them on a sheet for you, or you can upload you own sheet.

If you do that, please ensure each design is at least 2cm big and 4mm apart and the cutline is 100% magenta.

What are sheet labels?

Sheet labels contain a number of labels printed onto an A4 sheet that is not cut through the backing paper. This makes labels faster to apply than stickers.

Learn more in our article "What are sheet labels?"

Do you offer samples?

Yes, we have both standard material and custom-printed samples. Browse our range and get your samples.

Can I put labels in the dishwasher?

Yes our vinyl labels are dishwasher-safe. They are made from a plastic that is waterproof. We cover the printed layer with a clear gloss over-laminate so these stickers will resist the dishwasher. However, we recommend handwashing for maximum longevity.

Do you have design guides for labels?

Yes, we do. You can view all our templates here.

What materials can I choose?

You can choose from our range of 20 different materials, including effect vinyl, neon colors and sustainable materials. Check out all materials.

How thick are your labels?

That depends on the material you choose and ranges from around 245 microns to 280 microns. That is about 0.245 to 0.28 mm, or 0.009" to 0.01". You can find more information on the respective material pages.

What size are your sheet labels?

We will make your sheet A4 unless you ask for a different size.

We will show you your design proof before printing the exact size of your sheet.

How long will these labels last?

That depends on the material you choose. Our most popular white vinyl labels can last up to 3 years outdoors. Holographic labels last up to 1 year outdoors and eco-friendly labels can be used outdoors for up to 6 months.

Can you print white on labels?

Yes, our digital printing technology allows us to get amazingly opaque (not see-thru) white. When printed behind a color on this transparent material, it gives that color fantastic vibrancy. Read more about printing white ink on stickers and labels.