How to kiss cut stickers on Cricut

Are you looking for a way to add a professional and unique touch to your projects? Look no further than kiss-cut stickers with your Cricut machine! With this guide, you can make all kinds of kiss cut stickers quickly and easily.

From creating custom designs to using pre-made templates, we’ll show you how easy it is to create stunning kiss cut stickers that are perfect for any project. So grab your Cricut machine and let’s get started on making some fantastic kiss cuts!

What are kiss cut stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are individually cut stickers with a custom shape that are made by cutting through the top layer of material, such as vinyl or paper, while leaving the backing intact. This allows for a design to be cut into any shape and size that you desire while creating a border around the peelable part of your sticker.

Does that sound complicated? Then these images can help you visualize it.

Kiss cut glitter stickers with ice cream logo

Kiss cut stickers vs die cut stickers

The main difference between kiss cut stickers and die cut stickers is in the cut. Kiss cut stickers are made by cutting through just the top layer of material while leaving the backing material intact.

Die cut stickers are cut through the material and the backing paper, giving the entire sticker a custom shape. The animation below shows the difference:



What you need to kiss cut stickers on Cricut

The first step to making kiss cut stickers with your Cricut machine is gathering the needed equipment. You will need a Cricut cutting machine like the Explore Air 2, some self-adhesive vinyl sticker paper, and transfer tape. The self-adhesive vinyl sticker paper is available in various colors and thicknesses and is perfect for making kiss cuts. You might also need transfer tape to help you place the design onto your chosen surface.

Pssst, if you do not have a Cricut, you can also learn how to kiss cut stickers without a machine.

Creating kiss cut stickers using Cricut

When you have gathered your equipment, it’s time to create or upload your design. You can use Cricut's Design Space software or choose from thousands of pre-made templates to create a custom design. Once you have your design ready, it’s time to load the sticker paper into your cutting machine.

Next, set up the cutting parameters for your kiss cut stickers. You will need to adjust the blade depth and pressure settings to ensure that only the top layer of vinyl is cut and not through both layers of vinyl paper. You can also adjust the speed and pressure of the knife to get a smooth cut. A great way to experiment with this is by selecting different material settings. The "washi tape" setting is usually a good option.

Once your settings are set, you’re ready to start cutting! Click on “cut” in Design Space and watch as your Cricut machine creates perfectly kiss cut stickers ready for application. To apply, simply peel the backing off your stickers and use the transfer tape to attach your design to any surface.

Get started

With kiss cut stickers, you can add a professional and unique touch to all kinds of projects. Whether you’re making custom stickers for organisation or adding some fun flair to scrapbooking, your cutting machine is perfect for creating beautiful kiss cut stickers.

If you do not have a Cricut, or it simply did not turn out how you wanted it, let us do the work. We print, laminate and cut your custom kiss cut stickers within 4 working days.

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