Holographic stickers vs mirror silver stickers

The main difference between holographic stickers and mirror silver stickers is the material they are printed on. Custom holographic stickers have a rainbow effect, whereas silver stickers come with a mirrored look. Both are water- and scratch-proof, but they can be used to emphasize different parts of your design or highlight certain product features.

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Metallic stickers 101: an overview

Metallic stickers are super popular because of their eye-catching shimmers and shines. This effect is achieved by printing these beauties onto effect vinyls with a metallic finish.

Therefore, the effect your metallic sticker will have depends on the vinyl material used. We offer several different metallic vinyls: gold, silver, holographic and glitter. More about these in a second.

Let’s first look at what all metallic stickers have in common: they are all vinyl stickers.

Vinyl stickers are the most versatile sticker option available. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Their base and laminate make these stickers UV- and weather resistant and scratch-proof.

The medium-strength permanent adhesive we use also means your stickers will not peel off the surface when exposed to water.

You can order your metallic stickers in any shape, from die-cut over kiss cut to circle and square stickers.

To get your stickers to stand out, we recommend only letting the metallic effect show through certain parts of your design.

To do that, we print white ink behind the areas where you do not want the effect to show.

For all other parts, you can either let the material shine through or create metallic colors by printing a color directly on top of the material.

But now, let’s look at your shiny material options:

What is a holographic sticker?

Holographic stickers, iridescent sticker, pearlescent sticker and hologram stickers are all the same: sticker printed onto rainbow-effect vinyl.

When you first look at the material, you might not see a big difference between holographic vinyl and silver vinyl. However, you will as soon as our holographic material catches the light.

You can imagine it like a rainbow dancing and reflecting off the material. Have a look at the images below where we’ve captured the rainbow.

Eco-friendly holographic sticker with retinol facial serum logo applied to a clear cosmetics bottle

What is a mirror sticker?

Mirror stickers, on the other hand, have a sleeker mirror effect. Instead of being reflective to the light, mirror vinyl reflect there surroundings mirror like. Such stickers are also often referred to a chrome stickers.

We offer two different types of mirror stickers: silver and gold. They both replicate the shiny effect of real silver or gold.

The silver option is often thought to be interchangeable with holographic stickers, but that is not the case. The effects of both stickers are completely different and they can change the look of your entire product range.

Die cut eco-friendly silver sticker with ziggy stardust cat design

What is a glitter sticker?

Finally, glitter stickers complete our metallic lineup. These are very different from our other options. While you could look at the materials used for holographic and mirror silver stickers and find them rather similar, glitter vinyl will stand out.

It sports a completely different pattern of metallic particles dancing in the light, giving these stickers a sequin-like appearance, hence the name glitter stickers!

Circle glitter labels applied to black tins and a cardboard box containing a custom made vitamin mix

When to use holographic stickers

Holographic stickers are a great option for creating eye-catching product packaging or upgrading your individually cut logo stickers or handouts. Their rainbow effect will immediately increase the perceived value of your stickers.

If you are planning to use holographic material to brand your products, be sure to order holographic labels instead of holographic stickers. Labels are printed onto a sticker sheet, which makes them much easier to peel.

Use holographic stickers and labels to underline the quality of your business and add a touch of luxury to your packaging.

You can find more tips on how to use holographic stickers.

When to use mirror silver stickers

Shiny mirror silver stickers are sleeker and more modern than holographic stickers. They are less playful, making them ideal for branding a tech business, creating logo stickers for phones and computers, or promoting a modern, minimalist product.

Their chrome effect works brilliantly on silver or black packaging, which gives your labels enough room to shine. We also love using mirror silver stickers on gadgets like laptops, bicycles, helmets or skateboards – they simply look cool.

How to design metallic stickers

Designing your own metallic stickers without any experience can be intimidating, but it does not have to be.

Create your own design instantly with Graphic, our free online tool. You can browse hundreds of templates and elements and incorporate them into your artwork or create a new design from scratch.

You will then immediately see a design proof on your metallic material of choice, ready to be sent to print. It won’t get any easier.

So, which one will it be? Holographic stickers or mirror silver stickers?

If you are not sure or need some more information, feel free to browse our blog.

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