Are Label Maker Stickers Waterproof?

Labels and stickers are incredibly effective marketing tools. At Sticker it, we know this better than anyone because stickers grew our business and helped hundreds of business owners communicate their brand’s principles. Stickers and labels can improve your brand’s organization abilities and marketing presence.

Now, you can easily create custom labels and stickers yourself by using next day custom label services through Sticker It. But, what are the differences between labels and stickers? Are labels more durable than stickers? Keep reading to find out.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference is that stickers are individually cut whereas labels tend to be arranged onto rolls or sheets. 

Labels are typically attached to products or objects with information printed on them about said object. Stickers are typically used for branding, promotion, or creative purposes rather than informative ones.

Stickers are individually cut, which makes them easy to apply, while labels are presented in rolls and sheets, making them easier to transport. When it comes to printing, most industrial printers can print both stickers and labels. If you’re wondering if your label printers can print stickers, the answer is yes.

Are Both Waterproof? 

When choosing between labels and stickers, consider whether or not your material needs to be waterproof. Most sticker types are waterproof, because they’re made from vinyl or plastic, which already is more durable and water-resistant than paper.

Labels are also waterproof, but this also depends on the materials you use when printing. So let’s break down some of our most popular choices. Biodegradable materials don’t withstand water as well as vinyl or plastic. While eco-friendly stickers and labels are cruelty-free and made from renewable resources, we recommend only using them indoors because weather conditions can impact their longevity. 

White vinyl stickers and labels— our most popular material— is both waterproof and durable. It features a clear gloss laminate that protects the design, is resistant to scratches, and image corruption from UV rays. 

How Can You Use Them?

Labels and stickers can both be used for branding and marketing purposes. From smart marketing tools to effective communication methods, stickers and labels can take your brand’s identity to the next level. 

For example, most e-commerce brands include stickers in their packages as a way to thank their customers. When customers have a fun, personalized reminder about your brand, they will remember to order from you again, or place the sticker somewhere where it will be noticed by others.

Stickers and labels have purposes within your company as well. You can use custom-printed labels as product tags or name badges for your employees, maintaining brand consistency on all fronts.

You can use custom-designed stickers as promotional giveaways at trade shows or events. This will help spread awareness about your brand by providing customers with something tangible. If your sticker makes its way to someone’s laptop case or water bottle, your brand can be seen by hundreds of people who may not have seen it otherwise.

Stickers, Labels, and You

There are several key differences between labels and stickers, the main one being the fact that stickers are individually cut and labels are arranged into rolls and sheets. Then, it all comes down to the material from which they are made. Vinyls are durable, waterproof and feature a clear laminate that protects the design. 

Biodegradable materials, on the other hand, are eco-friendly but not as durable. If you wish to know more about stickers and how they can help you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can also provide you with an address label stickers template!

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