What's the difference between die cut and regular stickers?

The main difference between die cut and regular stickers is their shape. Die cut stickers are cut in the exact shape of your design, whereas regular stickers usually have traditional shapes.

Let's take a closer look at what custom-printed die-cut stickers are, what other sticker options there are, and when to choose which sticker below.

What are custom die cut stickers?

Die cut stickers are custom-cut stickers that can be cut to any shape. They are usually trimmed around the shape of your design or logo.

The name ‘die-cut’ stems from its traditional production method in which custom metal dies were used to create the shapes.

Nowadays, the die-cutting process happens digitally, which allows you to realize some fantastic shapes. Just take a look at this example below.

You can see even more cool die cut sticker designs here.

When to get a die cut sticker

Get a die cut sticker if you want individually cut stickers in a custom shape.

We love using them as eye-catching logo stickers, custom packaging seals, limited edition stickers, or to add visual interest to packaging, boxes, and envelopes.

Depending on your chosen material, they can be used outdoors for up to three years or in the dishwasher!

What are regular stickers?

Regular stickers are a term often used to describe stickers with standard shapes such as square or round.

However, there is no such thing as a regular sticker in the world of custom stickers.

Even when you order a standard shape, you can still choose your material, set your size, and select your quantity.

Generally, regular stickers refer to the pre-cut stickers you order from marketplaces like Amazon.

Circle shaped sticker sheet

What other custom-cut sticker options are available?

If neither die-cut stickers nor circle, square, or rectangular stickers tickle your fancy, you might be looking for kiss-cut stickers.

Die cut stickers vs. kiss cut stickers

Just like die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers are cut around the shape of the design.

However, where die cut stickers are cut through the vinyl and paper backing, a kiss cut sticker is only cut through the material layer, leaving the backing material intact.

This sounds complicated, but below, you can find a few examples to help illustrate the difference.

When to get a kiss cut sticker

Since the backing paper stays intact when you order a kiss cut sticker, they are easier to peel than die cut stickers. This makes them perfect for branded giveaways. Why not include a custom kiss cut sticker with every order?

The beauty of kiss cut stickers is that you can benefit from all the advantages of a die cut sticker plus a bit of extra material.

You can use the excess backing paper to include your business information or even a QR code that directs consumers to your website.


Are die cut stickers more expensive?

No, they are not. You might think that die cut stickers are more expensive than regular stickers because of their intricate cut line. That is not the case.

Our prices depend on the type and amount of material used for your stickers rather than the time it takes to cut or print them.

The prices of your die cut stickers can vary based on the materials you select.

You can find a breakdown of each material option using the live pricing calculator on the die cut stickers page.

Can I get die cut labels?

Yes, you can get die-cut labels.

Just like die cut stickers, die cut labels have a custom shape but arrive on a sheet. This is usually an A4 or A5 sheet. You can peel your labels off.

When they are applied, die cut stickers and die cut labels look exactly the same - nobody would notice a difference.

And that is all you need to know about the difference between die cut stickers and regular labels.


  • Die cut stickers are individually cut in the shape of your design
  • Regular stickers refer to custom-cut standard stickers you can get from Amazon
  • Even when you order standard shapes with us, you can still select the material, size, and quantity
  • Kiss cut stickers are another custom-cut option that leaves the backing paper intact
  • You can also order die cut labels that are printed onto sheets

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. They will get back to you within 24 hours.

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