What is an eco-friendly front adhesive sticker?

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about our eco-friendly front adhesive stickers: what they are, how they are made, when to use them and what to use them for.

Rounded corner static cling sticker with gogo logo applied to a window

What are eco-friendly front adhesive stickers?

It is quite a long product name, isn’t it? That is because eco-friendly front adhesive stickers combine the features of two of our most popular products: eco-friendly stickers and front adhesive stickers.

 Our eco-friendly stickers look and feel like plastic but are actually made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. This makes them 100% compostable. We offer our eco-friendly range in white and clear, offering a great alternative to plastic-based transparent stickers. 

Front adhesive stickers are also sometimes called reversed stickers. They have the adhesive on top of your design, allowing you to apply them to the inside of a window. This way, your design will be seen from the outside.

With our new product launch, you can have front adhesive stickers that are eco-friendly!

How are eco-friendly front adhesive stickers made?

Front adhesive stickers are basically upside-down stickers. Usually, when you receive your stickers, you can see your design printed onto your chosen material and then simply peel off the backing paper.

When unboxing your front adhesive stickers, you will not see your design. This is because the backing paper covers your design and protects the adhesive until you are ready to apply your stickers.

The below graphic can help visualise that. As you can see, the backing paper is the first layer and is applied over the adhesive. Then we have your design printed onto our eco-friendly clear material, making it perfect for sticking inside of windows.

Split view of an eco-friendly front adhesive sticker with each material layer numbered

How long do eco-friendly front adhesive stickers last?

The beauty of front-adhesive stickers is that they will be mainly used indoors. This prolongs their durability as they are protected from water, sunlight and scratches.

Eco-friendly materials tend to be slightly less durable than their vinyl-based counterparts, but in this case, the eco-friendly option can last just as long as the traditional front adhesive stickers. Kept inside, this can be well over a year.

What can I use eco-friendly front adhesive stickers for?

Since you want your design to be seen from the outside, eco-friendly front adhesive stickers are ideal for applications to any see-through surface.

The perfect way to get your logo or message notices is as car stickers or general window stickers. As you will be applying them to the inside of your window, you can use them even in harsh and cold weather.

Getting in touch

If you want to get up close and personal with our eco-friendly front adhesive stickers, we recommend getting a custom sample printed of 10 stickers with your design printed on. The perfect way to test our product before placing a big order.

If you want to learn more about how to order custom stickers or custom sticker printing, check out more articles on our blog.

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