What Is A Glitter Sticker?

When you order glitter stickers, you will receive individually cut self-adhesive pieces of vinyl with a glitter pattern.

Or, to make that sound a bit less nerdy: glitter stickers are stickers that glitter! Take a look for yourself.

Circle glitter sticker with green spotify logo applied to a laptop

These sparkly beauties consist of five different layers:

Split view of a glitter sticker with each layer numbered
  1. Looking at your sticker from the top, you will see a glossy film. That is the laminate. It protects your design from water, scratches, oil and fading.

  2. Here, we have your custom design. This can be anything you can think of printed with vibrant colors and the world's best digital printer.

  3. Finally, the layer that makes your stickers glitter: a polypropylene film with a glitter effect printed onto.

  4. Then, it's time to turn the piece of vinyl into a sticker by making them sticky. We use a medium-strength adhesive that is perfect for thousands of applications.

  5. Finally, we add a tick backing paper, giving your stickers a premium feel.

Why glitter stickers are special

Of course, glitter stickers are special because they have this fantastic sparkly effect.

But there is more to that.

Glitter stickers are part of our metallic sticker range. And like all of our metallic stickers, glitter stickers can be printed differently. That means that you can:

  • Let the material speak for itself and do not print any ink on certain parts of your design

  • Create a colored sparkly effect by printing color directly onto the material

  • Eliminate the glitter effect for specific areas in your design by printing white underneath your colors

This might sound complicated, but it really isn't. You can just let us know which parts of your design you'd like to appear glittery or opaque and our design team will add the right layers of color for you.

Simply put your instructions into this box when ordering your stickers.

Screenshot of the cart page with proofing option selected

For design tips for glitter stickers, have a look here.

What is the problem with glitter?

You might have stumbled over questions like this while researching glitter stickers.

But these questions and concerns revolve around loose glitter you can buy and that you will see frequently used for festival makeup.

This loose glitter is full of microplastic that pollutes oceans and marine life.

Our glitter stickers do not work with loose glitter. Instead, the glitter pattern is embossed onto the actual material.


Let's answer some of our most-asked questions about glitter stickers. If your question is not listed below, ask our experts. They will get back to you within 24 hours.

Are glitter stickers waterproof?

Yes, glitter stickers are waterproof. They are made from durable polypropylene and laminated with a glossy film to protect them from water- and weather damage, making them perfect for outdoor use.

How long do glitter stickers last?

When you use your glitter stickers outdoors, they will last up to a year. Of course, that always depends on the actual environment your stickers will be used in, but a year is a good benchmark.

If you use your stickers mainly indoors, they can last up to three years. You can find more tips on how to use glitter stickers.

Is there environmentally friendly glitter?

Yes, we can offer you an eco-friendly and compostable alternative to standard glitter stickers.

We used the wood pulp-based material and added a super thin layer of glitter film. This means that our eco-friendly glitter stickers sparkle yet can still be composted.

Can I get glitter sticker sheets?

You absolutely can. We offer custom labels printed on sheets. You can get these made from any of our materials, including glitter.

We actually recommend using labels over stickers when you want to label your products in-house.

Glitter labels on sheets in full colour on an iPad on a stone table

Glitter stickers are a great way to add an eye-catching sparkle to any design. Whether you want traditional glitter, white ink underprinting or eco-friendly compostable glitter, we have all the options available for your custom sticker needs.

But did you know that we also offer other metallic effects? Our holographic stickers are super popular. This article on the difference between holographic and glitter stickers is the perfect starting point for you.

If you still have questions about using different types of materials in creating your own unique designs, feel free to reach out and ask us directly - we're here to help!

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