The Best Ways To Use Clear Stickers And Labels

Ah, clear stickers and labels. Aren't they a thing of beauty? Sleek, modern, classic.

Now, do not get us wrong. Every sticker looks amazing on a laptop or phone (it's what we do, of course, we'd say that) and there is really nothing you can do wrong.

There is nothing you can't use custom clear stickers or labels for. But there are some cases in which clear materials just work better than any other.

1. Minimalist product packaging

Clear stickers and labels are a great way to achieve a premium, “no label” look for your product packaging. The clear material simply blends in with its surroundings, while your design and product take the spotlight.

You can get totally creative with your design, but often you will find that a minimalist design is perfect for luxury brands or products that stand out from the competition.

Start by thinking about how your product can be connected to a minimalist aesthetic. Maybe it is free of preservatives? Or perhaps your service is precise and straight to the point?

Then, keep your design simple and streamlined, using clean lines and typography to create an elegant look. This is perfect for products that want to emphasize simplicity, efficiency, and beauty, or for stripped-back designs.

Rectangular clear eco friendly stickers applied to soap dispensers

2. Labels for bottles and jars

Okay, clear stickers are see-through, right? D’uh. But think about what that means. You can see through your clear stickers and labels while showing off your design or advertising your product.

This makes clear stickers perfect for branding bottles and jars. Why? Because you can see the contents through your stickers or labels!

A glimpse of your product is often the best marketing strategy. And with clear stickers or labels, you can offer both: a branded experience and an authentic look at your product.

We have seen some great use cases where a clear vinyl sticker was used as a “window” that allows customers a peek inside. Pair it with a matching design (a computer screen if you are selling tech gadgets or a squirrel to show off your artisan nut cereal) for the best effect.

Of course, this also makes clear stickers perfect for organizing your cupboards or spices.

Rectangle clear jar labels applied to four spice jars filled with different spices

3. Window signage

Window signage means creating stickers that can be placed on a window for displaying branding, today's special, limited sales or opening hours.

Clear stickers are clearly the best choice for this (see what we did there?). They enable you to show off your branding or share essential information with customers without obscuring their view or creating nasty large shadows.

On top of that, the transparent nature of the sticker allows it to be seen from both inside and outside. This is where front adhesive stickers work brilliantly. They have the sticky bit on the front, on top of your design.

This means that you can apply them to the inside of your windows to be seen from the outside. A great way to keep your stickers protected from wind and weather.

Eco-friendly front adhesive rectangle sample with cassandre cocktail bar logo applied to a window

4. Car window decals

And speaking of front adhesive clear stickers, why not use them as car window decals? The principle is exactly the same. Apply them to the inside of your windscreen or rear window for the world to see.

This is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for businesses to create brand awareness on the go. By placing these clear stickers on your vehicles, you can ensure that your logo is seen by potential customers in almost any location.

And since the decals are made from clear material, they won’t obscure your view while driving, making them a safe and effective way to promote your business.

5. Decorations

Of course, you can use clear stickers and labels to personalize your belongings or to simply make things look prettier.

Turn them into cool scrapbook stickers, use them on your laptop or learn how to decorate your phone case with clear stickers.

Want to know what the best part about clear stickers is? They are perfect for stickerbombing surfaces without covering all your favorite stickers!

What do you think? Are you ready to give clear stickers a try?

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