How to remove stickers from your car

As much as we love them, custom car stickers are not forever - and if you want to remove one, make your own car stickers again, or give your car the old factory reset, you can do so quickly, without damaging anything. And we know just how.

Below, you can find our top tricks and tips on:

  • Removing stickers from car body without damaging the paint
  • Getting old stickers off your car
  • Removing stickers from car windows

Jump to the method you are after to learn more or read it all from top to bottom to become a car-sticker-removing expert.

The bottom line to removing car stickers is to loosen the bond between the surface and the adhesive. There are several ways you can do that, so let's jump right in.

How to remove stickers from car body without damaging the paint

Are you looking to remove car stickers without damaging your vehicle's paint? Here, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to safely and effectively remove stickers from your car body without damaging the paint.

Step 1: Use warm soapy water

Soapy water is the perfect tool for removing your stickers because; the heat and soap break down the adhesive bonds and remove dirt and debris that can collect around your sticker and eventually scratch your car's paint.

You only need a cloth or sponge to soak your sticker with for a minute. Then, you should notice your sticker moving or starting to peel.

Step 3: Start peeling

Once you notice your sticker lifting off or peeling, use a plastic spatula, credit card or your thumb to completely remove the sticker.

Using your tool, focus on the edges of your sticker and lift them up one by one. You can then peel off the rest with your hand.

Be sure to only use plastic tools and no knives or razor blades when removing stickers from your car's paintwork. Razors or knives could leave scratches on your bodywork.

Step 4: Remove glue with rubbing alcohol

If there is any adhesive residue left on your paint after removing your sticker, simply use rubbing alcohol to get rid of it. You can use:

  • Break cleaner
  • Spirits
  • Alcohol-based cleaners
  • Or even white vinegar

Spray it directly onto the affected area, wait a few seconds and then use your spatula/credit card/thumb to scrape off the remaining glue.

Step 5: Apply car wax

Once you have removed your sticker, the final step is to apply car wax. This will help to protect the newly-exposed paint from scratches and dust particles.

It's best to use a high-quality car wax that can penetrate your car's paintwork and provide long-term protection against dirt and grime. Make sure that the car wax is specifically designed for use on cars.

How to get old stickers off your car

The older your sticker is, the stronger the bond between the adhesive and the surface. In other words, your sticker is probably really caked on there.

The steps we have outlined above work perfectly well, no matter how old your sticker is. But of course, we have some extra tips for you if you are dealing with a very stubborn car sticker.

Tip 1: Heat it up

Heat can help you break the bond between the glue and the body of your car. You can use a heat gun or a standard hair dryer (just get a loooong extension cord).

Simply point your device at the sticker you want to remove and apply heat for about sixty seconds. This will enable you to lift a corner of your sticker.

Tip 2: Try Goo Gone

If you have given your sticker a good heat, but it's still not budging, try using Goo Gone. This is an adhesive remover that can break down the strongest of bonds. Simply spray some of the product on the affected area and give it time to penetrate and weaken the glue. Then use your spatula/credit card/thumb to scrape it off.

Tip 3: Use spray bottles

Sponges and cloths are great tools for removing stickers. But spray bottles allow you to treat your area more precisely - and with more product.

So no matter if you are using soapy water, a homemade vinegar mix or the left-over gin from your last party, put it in a spray bottle for the best results.

Tip 4: Take your time

No matter what method you choose, take your time when removing old and stubborn stickers from your car's paint. Don’t rush the process, as this could cause damage to your car's bodywork. Follow these steps and you can remove any sticker safely and effectively - without damaging your car's priced paint job.

How to remove stickers from car windows

Removing stickers from your car windows (whether that is your windshield, the rear window, the inside or the outside of your window) is a lot easier than removing them from your paintwork. You do not have to worry about the paint coming off or scratching.

Spray window cleaner on the sticker, use a razor blade to chip away at it, and pull the sticker up slowly. Spray, chip, pull, and repeat until the sticker is fully removed.

Step 1: Clean the window

Like with the car body, you should start by giving your window a good clean. And what better to use than window cleaner?

Ensure that all the oils and dust are removed from the surface before you move on to the next step.

Step 2: Soak your sticker

Again, we need to break the bond between the sticker's adhesive and the surface, aka your window.

For car windows, we prefer using the soaking method (heat works fine too, but can be a little difficult to use if your stickers are applied to the inside of your window).

Use a sponge or cloth to soak your sticker in warm soapy water. If you are working with a sticker that has been applied to the inside of your window, use a spray bottle to keep the mess to a minimum.

Step 3: Use your thumb, credit card or a razor blade

Once your sticker has been soaked, you can slowly pull it off. If it does not budge, use a credit card or spatula to work the edges up.

If that does not help either, then try using a razor blade. Yes, we can finally use it, but be very careful not to scratch the surface of your window! Use a light touch and let the razor do the work.

Is it safe to use a razor blade on my car?

Yes, it is safe to use a razor blade on your car - as long as you are careful and do not rush the process. Make sure that the surface of your car is clean and dry before you begin scraping with the razor. Additionally, do not press too hard when using the blade. This will reduce the chances of causing any damage.

However, we recommend not using a razor blade on your car's paintwork as the chances of scratching are simply too high. Use them on windows only.

Step 4: Polish

Once you have successfully removed your sticker, give your window one last clean with some of that window cleaner to get rid of any leftover adhesive.

And there you have it - your car's windows are once again shining and sticker-free!

Removing stickers from your car can be a tricky task, but with the right tools and techniques, you can get it done without damaging your car’s paintwork or windows. From using Goo Gone to spray bottles and razor blades, there are plenty of solutions that will help you remove even the toughest stickers in no time.

And remember: always take your time and use gentle pressure when scraping off stubborn adhesive residue so as not to damage the surface underneath! With these tips in mind, we hope this article has helped make sticker removal easier for you.

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