6 Examples of Awesome Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are something else. They can elevate any design to a shimmery, metallic piece of art or add a touch of sophistication to your product labels.

And today, we will prove just that by looking at six of the best examples of holographic effect stickers we’ve seen.

Read on to see the coolest designs, the best uses of color and how this stunning material can change the look of an entire brand.

1. James Hersey spaceman

This kiss cut sticker features the musician James Hersey’s spaceman logo printed onto our holographic material.

There was no white printed behind the design, giving the entire sticker a rainbow-effect, which works perfectly with the space theme.

The contrast with the white border, makes this design really stand out.

Kiss cut glitter sticker with James Hersey logo applied to a black phone

2. Your future hands

Aren't these the best holographic stickers ever?

This is a mix of white layering and letting the material shine through and shows that even intricate details work on the holographic material.

The colors are beautiful and the message is just as strong. These are a must-have for every sticker lover!

Die cut holographic sticker with future in your hands design

3. Crazy cats

Firstly the presentation of these stickers in this image is very effective. Metallic colors photograph really well on a dark background as it highlights the effect perfectly.

I love that the design & holographic color does all the heavy-lifting and makes the incredible design really pop!

Die cut holographic stickers with cat art design on a black table


4. Crouching tiger not so hidden holo

Do you see the difference between the black border and the color of the tiger?

The black stands out because we printed white behind it. The orange, on the other hand, is printed directly on top of the holographic material and makes this design really shine. This would also look amazing as a holographic car sticker.

Die cut mirror silver vinyl sticker with tiger design hand held

5. To the moon and back

This is one of my all-time favorites because it mixes white ink underprinting and the holographic material within the same design element.

This mix visually recreates the texture of the moon, making this circle sticker truly standout.

Work hard dream big circle holographic sticker applied to a Macbook laptop

6. Simply premium

This super simple design is elevated into a different class when printed onto the holographic material.

The white space surrounding the design really makes this product look so premium - and it makes me want to buy one!

Square holographic sticker applied to black soap box next to shaving tools

Loving these examples?

If you've enjoyed these examples of holographic stickers as much as I have, you can find out more by visiting the product page.

You can also start small and get 10 holographic sticker samples before placing a larger order.

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