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Wall sticker samples

Wall sticker samples

10 custom samples for £9. Free UK shipping.  Thick, fabric-like vinyl makes these easy to apply & remove.

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What are Wall sticker samples?

What are wall sticker samples

Fabric-like vinyl matches wall texture

This is a thick, almost fabric-feeling material that is a pleasure to hold. The brilliant white, matte material makes colours pop and look stunning.

Strong enough to stick & not peel paint

The pressure-sensitive adhesive is the perfect strength to adhere to walls but not peel away paint (unless it’s not well primed).

A textured wall will reduce the bond strength. If you have any doubt, these samples are the perfect option to trial apply to the wall for 24 hours 

Get any shape and size up to 18 cm

Wall sticker samples are digitally cut in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size up to 18cm wide and 18cm long.

To get larger sizes, order the equivalent stickers or labels. We put a size limit to keep the costs down so you can get 10 for a lower price.

Easy to apply

Get a squeegee, tape & instructions included to make these wall sticker samples super easy to apply.

The adhesive layer has micro-air channels in it to allow bubbles to escape, so you won’t get air stuck in the finished graphic.

Wipe clean again & again

These wall sticker samples get printed with a UV-inkjet which cures very strong so you can wipe these stickers down to remove dirt & marks.