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Die cut eco-friendly samples with recycling design applied to a cardboard envelope

Discover eco-friendly sticker and label options and learn about what steps Sticker it is taking to make custom printing more sustainable.

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Environmental information & certifications

HP Indigo ink we use to print

Nearly every order is printed on our HP Indigo digital printer (99%+).

The ink for the Indigo is certified compostable and is free of animal products. It's also suitable for food contact packaging.

You can download all of the associated certifications & data sheets here:

Certifications for the film & adhesive

This material we use to make eco-friendly stickers and labels created from Natureflex film. It's made from woodpulp, making it inherently more sustainable than plastic alternatives.

You can watch a video of the Natureflex film decomposing on YouTube here.

We print onto these Natureflex films with the compostable ink mentioned in the point above. Then we use a compostable adhesive, which you'll find the datasheet for below.

You can also find the datasheets & more information about Natureflex films below:

Sustainability of our offices & equipment

We're located on a business park which prides itself on sustainability.

40% of the electricity used on the site is produced from solar panels located on the roof (source). It won the Bristol Post Green Capital Award for an Eco-Building and scores 93.08% in the BREEAM Final Certificate. You can read more about it here.

We print 99+% of our orders on an HP Indigo, which is built using a carbon neutral process.

Then we ship most of our international parcels with Freight Brokers who are a B Corp and have a 200% a carbon offset programme to reduce the impact. You can read more here.

What is sustainability?

You can label a practice sustainable if you can do it forever without causing any harm. It is actually not exclusive to the environment. You can describe a style of work or exercise as sustainable - nor not.

But when it comes to the environment, sustainable refers to the resources available and the potential harm caused through the taking of these resources.

You can only call a process that uses indefinitely renewable resources sustainable.

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