How to order

Ordering custom stickers and labels is easy and only takes a few minutes. Discover how the process works below.

1. Choose your product

Your journey starts with the right product. But how can you find it?

Hover of the menu item "Products" the top left. You can choose between "Stickers", "Labels" and "Samples".

  • Stickers are individually cut
  • Labels are printed on sheets
  • Samples are great to test your design

Click on the product you need to see our full range. You can then browse by:

If you need more guidance, use our instant assistant for a recommendation or ask our experts for a personalised answer.

2. Customise your product

Once you have selected your product, it's time to customise it by selecting:

  • Your size
  • Your material or shape
  • Your quantity

At the very top, enter the width and height of your sticker or label.

Then, select your material or shape from the dropdown menu.

In our case, we can choose the material because we are on the die cut sticker page. Die cut already indicates that our sticker will have a custom shape.

Screenshot of the die cut stickers product page

Once you have done that, you can see instant pricing broken down into various quantities.

At the bottom of the pricing calculator, you can enter a "custom quantity".

Screenshot of the die cut stickers pricing calculator to show how much 250 die cut stickers cost

Select your quantity of choice and click "Continue" to upload your artwork.

3. Upload your artwork

You will see the below screen. Click "Upload artwork" and select your chosen file(s) from your computer.

Screenshot of the upload artwork page

If you don’t have artwork

  • Are you still waiting on your artwork? Then select "Skip this step" and email it to us later. Don’t worry; we’ll remind you via email. 
  • Canva or Graphic are excellent tools to create your own artwork in minutes for free. We even have a guide on how to export your artwork from Canva. 

What our design team can do

We do not offer a design service. That means our designers can not create artwork for you. They can, however: 

  • Create a custom cutline
  • Add a bleed 
  • Place white layers 
  • Make small changes to your artwork 

We will send you a digital design proof showing potential changes and won’t print your design without your explicit approval. 

4. Review your order

Now it is time to review your order. The cart page shows you:

  • Your final price
  • The quantity you've selected
  • The dimensions of your sticker or label
  • The quantity you choose
  • And the shape

Screenshot v4 cart page

5. Approve your design proof 

Within 12 hours of placing your order, we will send you a digital design proof that shows what your design will look like once printed. 

It will show your design on your chosen material and depict its size and cutline (a magenta or green line that will not be printed).

Example of a design proof of a die cut sticker with a bleed and a cutline added

When looking at your design proof, check:

  • The size of your sticker or label
  • The shade of the colours
  • Spelling or grammatical mistakes

You can either accept it or ask for unlimited revisions. Be aware that each change can take up to 12 hours to be actioned.

6. We get to work 

After you have approved your design proof, our 4-working-day production time starts. 

During this time, your design will travel through four stages:

  • Printing
  • Laminating
  • Cutting
  • Quality control

For more information, take a peak behind the scenes and discover how your stickers and labels are made.

Once your stickers and labels are ready, we ship them using the shipping option you selected. Please note that the 4-working-day lead time cannot be sped up by selecting express shipping.