Circle Stickers

Circle Stickers

Cut in a circle shape around your design.

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What are Circle Stickers?

What is a circle sticker

Durable and perfect for outdoor use

Circle stickers are resistant to scratches, water, and fading in sunlight.

All materials are laminated and suitable for use outside.

Choose from a range of materials

There are 6 materials to print your design on. Each gives a different effect.

To change the material, make your selection above in the pricing calculator.

Get any size & shape

Circle stickers are digitally cut in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size from 2cm to 70cm wide.

Sticks to most surfaces

Circle stickers come backed in a medium-strength glue, so they will stick to most surfaces.

They will also not leave much glue residue behind when peeling away.

Gloss finish

All circle stickers are finished with a clear gloss over-laminate that protects the printed layer.

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Circle stickers - custom made for you

Circle stickers are the perfect way to promote your business or event for the world to see.

These beauties are made from the highest quality polypropylene, aka vinyl, making them recyclable while giving your stickers a premium feel. Your circles will stick to most surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue when removed or replaced.

Circle sticker printing 

After you have approved your design proof, we manufacture your decals within 4 working days. We use state-of-the-art printing technology, including the world’s best digital printer, to give you the best quality and greatest result possible. 

First, we print directly onto your chosen vinyl. You can choose from our large range of materials to create a design that represents your business. Full-colour printing is no problem on any of them and will not cost extra. 

Then, your stickers are laminated with a gloss finish. This gives your colourful circles a high-class look and protects your sticker from water, scratches and fading in the sun - perfect for indoor and outdoor use and boosted visibility for your design.

Round sticker templates

If you want to craft your own circle labels or stickers, then check out our custom round templates. We offer templates in plenty of sizes and formats such as 1 inch round labels templates

This is an easy way to create your own custom stickers. And did you know that circles are superior to other shape stickers when it comes to adherence? That makes a round sticker perfect for outdoor applications or sticking to curved surfaces.

Looking for sticker singles?

You can benefit from our technology and customisation options even if you only want to order a few stickers. We have no minimum order quantity. Simply enter your quantity above to get a quote.

You can also shop samples. This is the most cost-effective way to order a few stickers or labels. You can get your favourites custom printed. Sticker singles can also be used for personal needs, such as custom party favours or stickers to hand out.

How do you cut perfect circles for custom stickers?

We cut your circle stickers with a digital cutter. This works a little like a standard custom sticker machine you might be familiar with and uses a digitally controlled knife that follows the cutline (indicated by the magenta line on your design proof) to create your shape. With a digital cutter, we can cater your custom round stickers to any size and guarantee a precise cut every time. 

What are personalized round stickers used for?

You can use your round stickers for anything from securing packaging and decorating a laptop to branding your products. You could even use stickers on business cards, postcards, envelopes, labels, cards, packaging, tags, and so much more to expand your reach. The custom shape makes round stickers particularly well-suited for applications that require full adherence or experience handling, such as shipping boxes. 

Can you print a round sticker on a normal printer?

Yes, you can print your round stickers on a normal printer as long as you are happy with the quality the printer provides. For the best outcome with your printed stickers, change your colour setting from RGB to CMYK and convert any fonts used in your design to outlines. 

If you are unhappy with the print quality of your stickers, try us. We use the world's best digital printer for fantastic colours and a crisp finish to each custom circle sticker. When sticker printing for your business or personal needs, we take extra care to ensure that you get the highest quality of custom circle stickers possible.

Small round stickers

The size of your personalized circle stickers is up to you. You can choose the size of your round stickers to fit your application and business needs. However, we have a minimum size of 2cm for our stickers as anything smaller than that is incredibly hard to peel the stickers off the sheet and can quickly look overstuffed and therefore unprofessional when applied to your desired surface. You also don't want the stickers to be so small that you can't see the business image or the brand logo. Make sure your stickers are big enough for your intended business usage.

The most popular sticker sizes

Our most popular sticker size is actually a range that includes anything from 5cm to 7cm. These round sticker sizes are big enough to include lots of custom business information in your design and will fit most products, laptops, boxes, or phones perfectly. The beauty of customizable stickers is that you can create them for your specific business needs.

What is the difference between stickers and labels?

The main difference between stickers and custom labels is how they are cut. Stickers are individually cut, whereas labels are printed on rolls (perfect for machine application) or sheets (ideal for in-house hand applications).

Round labels are much faster to peel than stickers, which is why we generally recommend using labels over stickers for product branding - they can be a real timesaver.

You can get stickers and labels for all your business needs, from business cards and postcards to products and door decor.

Ready to shop?

Circle stickers are a great marketing tool for your business. If you want to shop them, simply enter your desired size above and select your material. This will generate an instant price. 

If you are happy with that, upload your design and click check out. We will then send you a design proof within 12 hours for you to approve. Once you have approved it, we will start printing your order.