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Clear Stickers

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Clear stickers are perfect for vibrant designs as the transparent backing brings stickers to life. We love using these for customising bikes or personalising glass products.

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A clear advantage

Our custom clear stickers can be cut into any size and are a great way of promoting your brand or customizing personal items. What's also great is that white ink also prints beautifully on the clear sticker.

Let’s be clear with you, these stickers are made from the highest quality material so are totally scratch, water and sunlight resistant. Better yet, the stickers will not leave any residue after use.

Product Details

We use a nice clear material, chosen for the maximum transparency, you will barely see an edge to the sticker, so they can be used on glass and give a beautiful finish. It is then laminated with equally clear layer to protect the print from scratching, fading and all cleaning & solvents (including the dishwasher). We can print white on the clear material which is very opaque, giving your stickers a great backing so you will still get gorgeous vibrant colours.

Clear Sticker construction

In total these clear stickers are 120 microns thick. This is a great quality, durable sticker, perfect for many applications! Firstly we print on a 50 micron clear vinyl that is backed in a permanent acrylic adhesive that is great for sticking to nearly every surface indoor and most outdoor surfaces. Lastly, to finish your custom stickers, we use a 50 micron protective laminate that has a gloss finish for amazing durability.

Print Quality

Colour and print quality is so important we constantly invest in the latest tech. We use the latest digital inkjet technology to achieve the most vibrant, widest range of colours, perfect for bringing your designs to life! We compliment this with a rigorous maintenance process to ensure our equipment is always performing and a strict quality-control system so all stickers being shipped are meeting the high standard you expect.

Sizes available

We can print anything from 2cm to 70cm (1” to 27.5”) in any direction.

Simply enter the size you want at the top of this page and see the pricing adjust. We can print larger than this upon special request. If you require larger stickers please get in contact. We’d love to hear from you :)

Typical uses of these stickers

We have listed the top applications these stickers are typically used for. This is by no means only what these stickers can be used for, however we think it’s handy to understand what others are using these stickers for, to help you determine if they’re the correct sticker for your application. If you are still unsure please drop us a line.

  • Drinks glass stickers
  • Food packaging labelling
  • Makeup packaging
  • Labels for beverage bottles
  • Branding glass or plastic bottles
  • Bike frame stickers
  • Logo stickers of all uses
  • Food packaging labelling

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all stickers waterproof?

Yes all of our stickers are made with a protective laminate which makes them completely waterproof.

Can I see what my stickers will look like before ordering?

We will send you a design proof for you to approve when you order your stickers. We do ask for your payment information when you order but if you’re not happy with the designs we will continue to iterate until you are happy. If you still don’t like the designs we will refund your money, no hassle.

What can I apply my stickers to?

Pretty much anything! But a good rule to follow is that the smoother and cleaner the surface the better your adhesion will be. The best type of cleaner is an alcoholic based cleaner.

How long will my order take to be shipped?

Because all of our products are custom we make everything to order. We will ship your stickers within 5 days. The shipping time will vary depending on your delivery address.


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