What Is A Clear Sticker?

The term "clear" tells you what your stickers are printed on (e.g. a see-through substance) and the term "sticker" indicates that you will receive individually cut stickers.

So, clear stickers are individually cut sticky pieces that are printed onto transparent material.

When peeled and applied, clear stickers can look like this:

Rectangular clear recyclable labels applied to clear soap dispensers next to bars of soap

Looking at these, it is not hard to understand why everybody loves clear stickers, right? They blend in perfectly with the surface they are being applied to and they just have that sleek, modern look.

In this blog post, we will not only show you how amazing stickers are, we will also answer your most burning questions about these sticky beauties. Let's jump right in.

What makes clear stickers special?

Clear stickers are special because the see-through vinyl base gives you plenty of options to make your designs stand out. Here are some ways you can work with this material:

  • Include clear areas in your design and play with the see-through effect. All you have to do for that is leave the material as it is.

  • Create opaque colours on a clear base. This means that you can get your colours to look “normal” and vibrant despite the clear base. We will print white between the vinyl and your design to achieve that.

  • Print your colours directly onto the material to achieve a stained-glass effect. This is a stunning technique that will leave you with stand-out results.

This is only a very brief example of design tips and tricks for clear materials, we have more on how to create clear stickers.

Eco-friendly clear save the date wedding sticker applied to a brown envelope

What size are clear stickers printed in?

Any size you want.

When you order custom clear stickers, there is no such thing as a standard size. Instead, you can freely choose the size you need.

This makes custom stickers and labels perfect for branding products, creating promotional materials or even scrapbooking, because you can get a sticker that fits your purpose.

What are back adhesive clear stickers

Traditionally, stickers are back adhesive. That means the sticky side is on the back of the sticker. You then simply peel off the backing paper and stick your sticker onto your laptop, product or box and the design will face you.

What are front adhesive clear stickers?

Front adhesive stickers are the opposite of back adhesive stickers. They have glue on top of your design. Essentially, they are upside-down stickers.

When you receive your sticker, you will peel the backing paper and then see your design. Then, you apply your sticker and its back will face you.

Why would I want that, you might wonder. Well, front adhesive stickers are perfect for application inside of a window or see-through surface.

With these stickers, you can apply your shop branding from the inside, protecting it from the elements, scratches or potential acts of vandalism.

Die cut front adhesive window sticker with barber logo design

Transparent vs clear stickers

There is no difference between clear and transparent stickers. It can seem confusing that some printers use both terms, but they are entirely interchangeable.

Both are stickers printed onto see-through materials with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Sometimes clear stickers are called transparent stickers, sometimes it is the other way around - but they always look amazing.


Because our clear stickers are custom-made, it can be a little difficult to answer all questions. Below, you can find an overview of our most asked questions. If your question is not addressed below, please contact us. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Are clear stickers waterproof?

Yes, our clear stickers are printed into waterproof vinyl and laminated with a clear gloss film.

This means that your clear sticker will be water- and weatherproof, as well as scratch-resistant.

You can use them for indoor or outdoor purposes without worrying about weather conditions – your stickers will stay intact!

How much do clear stickers cost?

Since you can fully customise your clear stickers, the overall cost will depend on

  • the size of your sticker and
  • the number of stickers you'd like

    Get your custom quote with the pricing calculator on the clear stickers page by entering your size and selecting your quantity.

    But for now, you can find a breakdown of the pricing for one of our most popular sticker sizes, 5x5cm.

    • 25 stickers = £32 (£1.28 each)
    • 50 stickers = £40 (80p each)
    • 100 stickers = £48 (48p each)
    • 500 stickers = £102 (20.4p each)
    • 1000 stickers = £172 (17.2p each)

    Pssst, did you know that we have no minimum order quantities? You can get as little as one sticker!

    How transparent are clear stickers?

    Our clear stickers are so transparent that they are almost invisible! We use a gloss finish that makes these stickers highly transparent and gives them a premium finish.

    If you are after that perfect no-label look, opt for a simple shape so the cutline blends into the background.

    Why don't you offer clear matte stickers?

    We stick with a glossy finish for our clear stickers and labels because it highlights the transparency of the material.

    For larger orders, you can request a matte laminate instead of a glossy finish. Please contact us before placing your order. Be aware that this will interfere with the transparent nature of your stickers.

    What are you waiting for? Get started on your next project today and give clear stickers a try. You can even find some tips for creating a clear logo sticker.

    P.S.: Did you know that we also offer eco-friendly clear materials? These give you all the benefits of clear stickers, but they will decompose within weeks.

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