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Fluorescent samples

Fluorescent samples

10 custom samples for £9. Free UK shipping. Also known as neon or day-glow.

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What are Fluorescent samples?

What are fluorescent samples

Incredibly bright fluorescent materials

We print on the brightest fluorescent materials making your design stand out.

Because of how fluorescent pigments work, your screen cannot replicate them, so it’s hard to show how bright these stickers are. If you're unsure, these samples are the perfect way to try them out.

Suitable for 6 months outdoors

The pigments used in fluorescent ink are more susceptible to being damaged by UV-light. This means these fluorescent samples are suitable for indoor use for 2 years and outdoors for up to 6 months.

We apply a UV protective laminate to reduce fading and extend the life of these samples.

Get any shape and size up to 18 cm

Fluorescent samples are digitally cut in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size up to 18cm wide and 18cm long.

To get larger sizes, order the equivalent stickers or labels. We put a size limit to keep the costs down so you can get 10 for a lower price.

Sticks to most surfaces

Fluorescent samples are backed in a medium-strength glue so that they will stick to most surfaces.

They will also not leave much glue residue behind when peeling away.

Gloss finish

All fluorescent samples are finished with a clear gloss laminate that protects the printed layer.

The laminate also has UV-protection built into it, which helps reduce fluorescent pigment fading and extend your sample's life.