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Custom Vinyl Stickers

Custom Vinyl Stickers

Custom-shaped & printed on a choice of high-quality vinyl materials.

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What are Custom Vinyl Stickers?

What is a vinyl sticker

Durable and perfect for outdoor use

Vinyl stickers are resistant to scratches, water, and fading in sunlight.

All vinyl materials are laminated and suitable for use outside.

Choose from a range of materials

There are 6 materials to print your design on. Each gives a different effect.

To change the sticker material, make your selection above in the pricing calculator.

Get any size & shape

Vinyl stickers are digitally cut in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size from 2cm to 70cm wide by up to 500cm long for your stickers.

Sticks to most surfaces

Vinyl stickers come backed with medium-strength adhesive, so they will stick to most surfaces.

They will also not leave much glue residue behind when peeling away.

Gloss finish

All vinyl stickers are finished with a clear gloss over-laminate that protects the printed layer.

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    If you aren’t satisfied with your Custom Vinyl Stickers, we’ll make them right with a reprint or refund*

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    Free design proofs

    We send proofs before printing so you know your design will print exactly as you want.

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    Free shipping

    Custom Vinyl Stickers ship fast in 4 days after design proof approval.

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    Experienced print experts & designers are ready to give their advice so you get the best.

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Custom vinyl stickers - made for you

Vinyl stickers are the perfect way to promote your business or event for the world to see.

These beauties are made from the highest quality polypropylene, aka vinyl, making them recyclable while giving your stickers a premium feel. Your stickers will stick to most surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue when removed or replaced. 

What are vinyl stickers and decals used for?

Vinyl stickers are our most popular stickers because they can be used for almost anything; you can use your custom stickers and decals to decorate your phone, laptop or water bottle, create company logo vinyl stickers, create logo stickers or promotional stickers to hand out, use stickers to brand your products or shipping boxes, as free giveaways with every order, to seal your packages or to add a personal touch to your car - the possibilities for custom stickers are endless. You can create your own custom graphics to make personalized decals.

What is the difference between a vinyl decal and a vinyl sticker?

There is no difference between a vinyl decal and a vinyl sticker. People use the term decal and sticker interchangeably. You will sometimes find that the word decal is used to describe a larger sticker, but in essence, they are the same: printed pieces of vinyl with a sticky back. When you order custom stickers or decals, you do not have to worry about their size as you can select it yourself. 

What is the difference between vinyl stickers and custom labels?

The main difference between vinyl stickers and custom labels is how they are cut. Stickers are individually cut, whereas labels are supplied as roll labels (perfect for machine application) or label sheets (ideal for in-house hand applications). 

Labels are much faster to peel than stickers, so we generally recommend using vinyl labels over stickers for product branding - they can be a real timesaver.

You can get stickers and labels custom printed onto any of our vinyl materials.

Do these stickers peel off easily?

No. Vinyl stickers use a pressure-sensitive, medium-strength adhesive. This means the glue on the back of the vinyl material is activated once you press down on your stickers or decals. The medium strength ensures your stickers stay put, so the decal stickers will not peel off without interference. However, if you want to peel the stickers, you can slowly lift the vinyl edge off the surface - some fingernails will be helpful here. 

Are these stickers waterproof?

Yes, our vinyl materials are waterproof. The polypropylene used to make these stickers has waterproof qualities and the glossy laminate (matte laminate available on request) we apply to your stickers functions as an added layer of protection against moisture. That means that exposure to water will not damage your stickers or interfere with the vinyl. The polypropylene vinyl also protects the text, logo, and images on your stickers.

What surfaces do these stickers and decals stick to?

Our vinyl decals stick to almost all smooth and clean surfaces such as plastic, cardboard, glass, painted surfaces, paper, ABS, PET/PETE/polyester plastic, fiberglass, etc. You can even use your sticker sheets on a door, fridge, wall, banners, yard signs, and much more. The beauty of personalized stickers is that they can be customized to any surface.

Are vinyl stickers permanent?

Yes, vinyl stickers use a permanent adhesive that binds two components (e.g. surface and sticker) together. This does not mean that you can't remove the sticker. It just ensures your stickers stick for as long as needed. Our adhesive makes it easy for people to transfer their personalized stickers to any surface they want.

How do you tell if a sticker is vinyl?

This can be tricky and depends on what you compare the custom decal to. Based on the texture and finish of the stickers, you can quickly feel the difference between uncoated paper stickers and vinyl. However, when you compare vinyl stickers to our eco-friendly stickers, for example, it can get more complicated as they look and feel the same. You can test the stickers durability, but the best way is to reach out to your sticker printer of choice and ask them. 

What is the main advantage of vinyl-based stickers?

The main advantage of vinyl stickers lies in their versatility. You can use your personalized stickers and vinyl materials for hundreds of applications without worrying whether your stickers are the right fit. If you are unsure which material to pick for your stickers, vinyl works in 9/10 use cases. 

What does vinyl not stick to?

When you order vinyl stickers, your stickers usually come with a medium-strength permanent adhesive that sticks to most surfaces. You might struggle to stick these stickers to wood or coated metal. The material you choose does not necessarily determine the stickiness of your personalized stickers. Instead, it is all in the glue. So if you need a vinyl sticker to adhere to such surfaces, contact us before placing your order, and we can print your stickers on a stronger adhesive instead. 

Can quality vinyl stickers go in the dishwasher?

Yes, vinyl stickers can go in the dishwasher. While we recommend hand-washing your stickers for ultimate longevity, the odd dishwasher run will not damage your stickers. Simply let your stickers dry and cool down fully before using them again. Get some samples custom made or a sample pack if you are unsure and want to test them before you shop more stickers. 

What are you waiting for? Order stickers or labels and get your favourites custom printed today!