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Branding that attracts. Get creative and turn your business logo or photo into a custom magnet. Browse our range below.

Unsure which custom magnet is right for you?

Why not get samples? You can choose your material and get 10 custom magnet samples printed with your design - for just £9!

What you need to know about magnets

Personalized magnets are tailor-made, custom-printed, flexible magnets for your business or personal use. Decorate your fridge or make custom magnets to sell. You can use your magnets for anything from wall art over wedding invitations to packaging and business cards. 

Get your perfect magnets

Do you need a custom-shaped magnets like die cut magnets? Or are you after custom fridge magnets or logo magnets? Or maybe personalized photo magnets, a magnet set or custom bumper magnets?

Then Sticker it has you covered. We provide customized magnets UK-made. We’ve got custom printing facilities in Bristol, United Kingdom and ship magnets all over the world. You can get each of these magnets printed on our high-quality vinyl options. Simply choose your material and get your favorites custom printed as magnets.

We use state of the art technology

We print your magnets using the most advanced digitally controlled printing & cutting machines to ensure the best quality of custom magnets. We use eight inks to get a broad range of custom colours to match much of the Pantone colour chart. We can also print custom spot colours on your magnets to get a closer match, where needed.

We cut your magnets on machines with either digitally controlled blades or lasers to ensure rapid production times and incredible accuracy within fractions of an inch - even for intricate custom magnets. Our individually, custom cut magnets can be custom-made with your logo for custom business cards or signs.

Make your own custom photo magnets

The beauty of customizable magnets is that you can get your own design printed onto them. That can be a custom photo of a treasured memory or your pet turned into personalized magnets. They make the perfect gift for family and friends!

All you have to do is to choose your magnet custom product, enter your size, select your magnet shape and favourite material, pick your quantity of magnets and upload a high-resolution version of your photo. 

Looking for singles?

Even if you only want to order a few magnets, you can benefit from our technology and customise your magnets. We have no minimum order quantity for magnets, which makes getting magnets very easy. Simply enter your quantity above to get a quote for your magnets.

You can also get custom magnets samples. This is the most cost-effective way to order a few magnets.

Magnet singles can also be used for personal needs, such as custom party favours.

Psst, did you know that you can also order a personalised button?

Strict quality control

Before shipping your magnets, we perform a strict quality control measure, performed by a production artist trained in looking for typical design problems and printing mistakes.

Quality control ensures we only ship magnets of the highest quality. Our magnet specialist will check to ensure that the custom cut, shape, colour, and design are printed properly.

So get your customised magnets UK made today!

Ordering magnets online is easy + get free shipping

Ordering high-quality custom magnets online doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve spent 1000s of hours perfecting the online ordering process. If you struggle to understand which magnets are right for your application, try downloading our guide.

All you need is to enter your size and quantity for your magnets, then upload your custom artwork or design. It’s simple and super fast. We offer fast, free delivery on orders shipped in the UK. Minimum order values apply. 

Learn how to order in minutes

If you prefer, watch this video on ordering. It’s so fast & straightforward; ordering customised magnets only takes minutes. All you need is your design! If you do not have a magnets design, check out our free online tool Graphic. Browse our templates and elements an get your favourites custom printed.

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