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Static cling samples

Static cling samples

10 for £9 with free UK shipping. Uses static to stick to smooth surfaces, making them easy to apply & remove.

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What are Static cling samples?

What are static cling samples

Highly transparent

The close-to-invisible static cling material disappears into the background making your design pop.

Add highly opaque (non-see-thru) white ink behind colours to add depth. Where no white ink is present the colours appear translucent (see-thru).

Stick to the inside or outside

Static cling samples can be stuck to the inside or outside the window. They are resistant to water, chemicals, scratches, and fading in sunlight so can be applied outdoors.

Get any shape and size up to 18 cm

Static cling samples are cut digitally in any shape around your design.

You can choose any size up to 18cm wide and 18cm long.

To get larger sizes, order Static clings. We put a size limit to keep the costs down so you can get 10 for a low price.

Sticks perfectly to glass & plastic

Static cling samples don’t use an adhesive to stick. They rely on static to stay in place.

This means they’ll stick to any smooth, non-porous surface. Sticking to glass is the most popular use, but they’ll also stick to some plastic & painted surfaces. 

Easy to remove

Because no adhesive is used on static cling samples, it's super easy to remove these & reuse them over and over.

If the surface gets dusty or dirty, simply clean using warm soapy water and reapply.