Do Wall Stickers Damage Paint?

Whether you’re renting or owning your space, no one wants to worry about damaged paint on your walls after peeling off your stickers. You proudly put them up to personalise your space, so taking them down and seeing peeled paint is a letdown. 

Custom wall stickers can sometimes cause damage to the paint on your wall and may lead to chipping. But it does not have to. We are here to share our expert tips and tricks on how to avoid damaging your paint, even before you want to remove you stickers.

Clean the Wall Before Placing the Sticker

Be sure to wipe the area down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt on the wall. Dust or dirt particles can get caught underneath your sticker and cause it to bubble or interfere with its adherence.

If this is your first time applying or removing wall stickers, we’d advise that you apply your sticker to a spot that you could easily fix should the paint come off. These tips will help you avoid that, but if you are a first-time stickerer, it’s better to be safe.

Removing the Wall Sticker

To remove the wall sticker, start off by taking a blow dryer to the decal on a low setting and begin peeling back the sticker. This will help the adhesive separate from the wall and limit potential damages to the paint. Slowly peel back the sticker as you add heat from the blow dryer.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

As we mentioned above, it’s essential to remove the decal slowly and patiently. Your are breaking the bond between the adhesive and the wall. The more force you apply, the more likely chipping or tearing becomes. A slow removal will also help keep your decal in one piece. Although it may take some extra time, you’ll be happy you were patient when your paint is intact!

Can I Reuse My Wall Sticker?

Yes–this is a huge benefit of wall stickers, but remember, you have to take good care of them. Once removed, be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight to maintain its stickiness and overall quality. If you’re able to remove the wall decal and it comes off in one piece, you can reuse it. 

Fixing the Paint Chip

If your sticker does chip your paint, you do not have to worry. This problem can be solved very quickly. Add a little bit of paint to the area–it’s as simple as that! Because most wall decals are typically pretty small, it shouldn’t be a vast area you have to cover. 

In Conclusion 

You may experience chipped paint on your walls, but there are ways you can minimise the damage done to the area. Following the steps above for setting up the decal and removing it can help limit paint damage. Learn more in our other articles about what to do when wall decals won’t stick and the difference between wallpapers versus wall decals in your home or office!

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