Wallpaper Versus Wall Decals

Although they may sound similar, wallpaper and wall decals are very different. Wall stickers have adhesive and are usually easily pressed on and peeled off. However, wallpaper uses a paste that you must apply to the wall before applying it. Remember–you can print your wall stickers online, making the process really easy. 

Is Wallpaper Easy to Put Up?

Wallpaper is much more time-consuming and takes a lot more energy to put up compared to wall decals. Imagine you’re painting your entire wall, and then on top of it, you have to apply a sheet and make sure no air bubbles get caught underneath it. 

However, wallpaper is worth it. As the individual sheets are larger, they create a more significant effect and can transform any living space or office to look completely different. Just know that putting up wallpaper will take a lot of effort, and you’ll probably need some extra hands.

Although wallpaper can be long-lasting and transform a room quickly, the installation process and cost may far outweigh the benefits. This is where wall decals come in!

What Kind of Wall Decals Are Available?

There’s a vast variety of wall decals out there, and you’re bound to find one perfect for you! Maybe you’re tired of looking at that blank wall above your office or dining room table–the perfect fix for that can be a bright and colourful floral wall decal or maybe you are after nature-inspired vibe?

Of course, the options are endless when you start exploring custom wall decals. Maybe you have a specific movie quote you want to keep above your bed at night, or you want to display the lyrics to a lullaby in your child’s nursery. These are perfect examples of how you can use wall decals to make your space unique quickly and easily, while making sure you get the exact look you want, no matter what it may be!

Don’t worry about whether wall decals damage paint–if you apply them correctly, you won’t have any damage to your wall paint. Sticker it’s guide how to apply a wall sticker safely can help!

In Conclusion

Although both wall decals and wallpaper may sound quite similar, they’re very different. One requires more time and energy but may work better in your space, depending on the look you’re going for. Wall decals are much easier to install and can still last a long time–and you can customise them to get the exact right look for your space, no matter what you’re going for!

Ready to dive into the world of wall decal customisation? Sticker it is ready to help–ask our experts for the best way to print your very own custom wall decals, or start the process on your own, right on our website. With Sticker it, the options are endless!

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