What To Do When Wall Decals Won’t Stick

There is nothing more frustrating than when you’ve taken the time to put up your wall decal, and it doesn’t stick. You’ve measured, you’ve cleaned, you’ve applied, and you’re getting ready to enjoy until…everything starts to fall down. You keep trying to get it back up, but the wall decal doesn’t want to stick! 

When your printed wall decal won’t stick, one of the best things to do is purchase a brush-on adhesive, as the decal’s adhesive may not be sticky enough. Or, you can add heat to the decal after it’s placed on the wall. 

In this article, we’ll dive into what other steps you can take to ensure your wall decal stays on. 

Make Sure the Wall Is Clean

You’ll want to make sure you’ve correctly cleaned the wall to keep from any dust or dirt building up on the wall. Use a damp cloth to clean the area you’ll be placing your wall decal on to–you don’t want to use any strong cleaning supplies, like bleach, that may ruin the adhesive.

Be Sure All Application Steps Are Followed

After you’ve cleaned the wall, make sure the area is completely dry before you apply the wall decal. Next, measure the wall to ensure the correct positing, then apply it to the wall with pressure. Smooth out any bubbles that may form on the decal by using something flat, like a credit card. 

Make Sure Your Wall Is the Right Texture 

Walls with a lot of texture will be more difficult for the sticker to adhere to smoothly. A brick wall or a wall with popcorn-style paint,can keep the adhesive from sticking properly and cause it to fall down. Try to place your sticker on a flat wall for the best result.

Check the Wall’s Temperature

Believe it or not, temperature can impact your wall decal application. If the wall is too cold, the decal may have a hard time sticking. Using a blowdryer directly on top of the decal after you’ve applied it can help it stick and stay on. 

Is the Paint Old or New?

If the paint is old and chipping, the wall decal will have a hard time sticking to it and might start to peel off–along with the paint! On the flip side, if the paint is too new, the decal will also have difficulty sticking to the wall. Be sure to give any new paint two or three weeks to dry until you add any wall decals. 

Is Your Decal Still Not Sticking?

If your decal still won’t stick, its adhesive may be wearing down. You can brush on an adhesive glue to help the decal regain its sticking-ability–this should help the decal stick properly and help it look as good as new! Of course, if it’s time for a completely new wall decal, Sticker it has your back! 

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