Custom Vinyl Record Label Stickers

Any aspiring or professional musician knows the importance of proper branding and marketing. Whether it is through consistent posting across various social media platforms, or by performing live at small venues around your community, you have to be willing to get your name out there in any way you can.

You don’t need us to tell you that your branding does not start or end with your social media presence and your live performance skills. You should brand and market yourself through various other facets including: merchandise, custom logo stickers, concert announcements, email newsletters, and the artwork on your vinyl records.

Are Vinyl Records Still Used?

Yes, they are. Vinyl records are not going anywhere. These records have made a tremendous comeback over the past few years. While popping your headphones in and clicking play on your streaming platform is one way to go about listening to your favourite music, nothing tops the authentically unique experience that accompanies listening to vinyl records. Some people visit record stores and reach for certain records because of the captivating cover art that catches their eye. 

This same artwork that drew in customers in the first place can be adapted and used as a sticker on the physical record. If you are looking to create a customised vinyl record label that captivates an audience you have come to the right place–Sticker It has your back. 

What Is a Vinyl Record Label Sticker?

For anyone who needs a refresher, a vinyl record label sticker is a piece of printed vinyl with an adhesive back that is stuck to the centre of a vinyl record. Some artists opt for custom and funky shapes, while others focus more on the quality of the design. 

Regardless of your personal design preferences, vinyl record label stickers are made to be long-lasting and highly durable. 

Why Should You Custom Design Your Vinyl Record Label Stickers?

Anyone can type up a few words on a record label sticker template, print it out, and stick it to their vinyl. Is it engaging? Probably not. Is it captivating? Depends on what it says. 

A custom-designed label, on the other hand, will give you the ability to have complete autonomy over your branding. Do you want your logo on the sticker? Do you want to feature your social media handles? Do you want to customise the artwork for each record so that every listener has a limited edition copy? These are all questions that you get to ask yourself when you custom-make your vinyl record label sticker.

Custom stickers give you the power to create a personalised look that is not only true to you and your artistry but that is engaging and eye-catching to music enthusiasts, fans, and collectors. 

Let Sticker It Help You Design Your Custom Label

Looking for a custom vinyl record label sticker for your next record but not sure where to begin? Let Sticker It help you! We offer a multitude of materials to choose from. Are you leaning toward neon colours? Hoping to give back to the environment by using eco-friendly materials? What about a holographic label? We have the inventory and ability to make your vision a reality.

We take pride in our friendly and highly-skilled graphics team who can help bring your vision to life. Simply give us a call or visit our website and let us show you why our work stands out. 

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