Do Glossy Vinyl Labels Last Longer Than Matte Vinyl Labels?

You are on the hunt for custom-printed labels. Or maybe you are looking to streamline and expedite your shipping process and are hoping to create your own address label stickers templates.

Regardless of what brought you here, you are obviously in the market for some type of label and may already be thinking about what type of finish—glossy or matte—is best for your business.

Why Labels?

Labels are a wonderful way to establish and maintain your brand image. By creating and printing product labels, address labels, and various other types of labels that feature your brand aesthetic, colours, logo, and fonts, you maintain brand consistency within your company. 

When it comes to creating labels, your design choices are nearly limitless. From choosing a material to determining your desired label size and shape, it is very easy for the process to become—dare we say—overwhelming. 

Talk to a Pro

Luckily, Sticker it has your back. With more than 9,000 satisfied customers and over twelve million stickers printed, we are here to take the hard work out of your hands. If you have tried our easy-to-use and free online design service, you know that we offer an extensive selection of materials, including: holographic, fluorescent colours, eco-friendly, and more. Your labels should be customised to fit your brand, and Sticker It can make that possible.

Glossy Vinyl Labels Versus Matte Vinyl Labels

While we offer a wide array of materials to choose from, each with its own unique set of qualities, one question we get time and time again is whether glossy vinyl lasts longer than matte vinyl. It’s a fair question, and one we have the answer to.

More About Glossy Vinyl 

Take a look around you. Are there any objects within view that have shiny labels? Take a longer look at those labels. Does the brand logo jump at you? Does the text pop? That’s a glossy vinyl label for you. Glossy vinyl labels are shiny, and reflective and feature vibrant and enhanced colours, text, and images. 

More About Matte Vinyl

Now, let’s paint the opposite picture. 

Matte vinyl, unlike glossy vinyl, is nowhere as vibrant or reflective. Take another look around you. Do you see any labels that are duller and lack reflective characteristics? Do the text and the logos appear more subtle, stripped, and subdued? You are looking at a matte vinyl label. 

Which Vinyl Finish Lasts Longer? 

There are many preconceived notions about one type of vinyl lasting longer than the other. We are here to shatter all of those beliefs.

Asking if one type of vinyl lasts longer than the other is like asking if matte paint lasts longer than glossy paint. If you have ever purchased paint from a home improvement store before, you know that the primary difference between semi-matte and glossy paint is the finish. It all depends on the type of finish you want on your wall. This holds true for stickers too.

Matte vinyl labels and glossy vinyl labels are both made from the same high-quality material. The only difference between the two is their laminate finish and how you care for them. Differences aside, both types of finish are highly durable. With the proper care, each can last for several years.

While shiny and reflective labels are appealing to look at, they do require a little more care. Scratches and scuff marks will show more on a glossy vinyl label than they would on a matte label simply because of the reflective nature of the finish. 

If you are looking for a label that can handle more wear and tear, opt for a matte vinyl finish. While they’re both durable, the matte vinyl won’t reflect scratches and scuff marks as easily as the glossy vinyl. 

Choose the Finish that Reflects Your Brand

There you have it. Our take on all things glossy vinyl versus matte vinyl. If you still have questions or simply want assistance designing custom vinyl record label stickers, don’t hesitate to contact Sticker It and let us see how we can help you!

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