Should I Put Logo Stickers on Packages?

Building and maintaining a business encompasses more than just conceptualising, developing, designing, and producing a product. As important as all that is, as a business owner you understand how vital of a role marketing plays in your strategy. Every detail matters, from designing and printing labels for your products that reflect your brand to the tasks that need to take place the moment you buy logo stickers for your products.

One question we come across time and time again is whether or not business owners should place logo stickers on packages. Your business depends on more than just having a solid product. It is heavily dependent on your brand, your presentation, and how you package those products.

As with any aspect of business, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider before putting your logo on packaging.

Pros of Logo Stickers on Packages

The more people see your logo and identify it with the great products you have to offer, the more business you will do. Adding logo stickers to packages offers some additional, perhaps less obvious, benefits.

Personal Touch 

If you are the type of business owner who likes adding a personal touch to each order, you might want to consider affixing logo stickers on your packages. Why?

Think about it. Doing so would give you the option to create a custom sticker for each order. If there is enough room on the sticker, you could add something as simple as their name and maybe a quick “Thank you for the order!” A short, sweet personalised note can make a world of difference for your customer. 

Presentation Matters

Sticking a logo sticker on your package can help make your package and your brand as a whole seem more polished and professional. Remember, you can have a great product but if your packaging falls short, you lower your chances of leaving a solid first impression on your customers. 

Inclination to Share With Others

No one can deny the impact social media has on the world we currently live in. Social media platforms are opinion powerhouses, full of influencers and user-generated content from people who help us reach decisions and learn about new products faster. 

A well-presented package is more likely to wow your customer, so much so that they will be more inclined to post about it on their platforms. The extra step you took to create, print, and stick a logo on the package might be enough to increase your business and brand awareness significantly.

Cons of Logos Stickers on Packages

As great as stickers are, they aren’t perfect. If you are considering putting logo stickers on your products, weigh these potential issues before you get started.


Unless you have a low volume of orders to ship, placing logo stickers on them can quickly become a time-consuming process. It’s worth assessing ahead of time how many orders you need to fulfil on average and how much time you have in your schedule to allot toward fixing stickers on packages. Logo labels are 65% faster to apply than individually cut stickers, so work smarter, not harder.

Environmental Effects

Unless your packaging is reusable (and chances are, it’s not), it will be used once and then thrown away.

While logo stickers make for an appealing presentation, they can have negative effects on the environment. But at Sticker it, we can offer you great eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives you can even make them match your sustainable packaging materials.


If your packaging is small in size or already covered in pre-made designs, the logo sticker might do more harm than good. Depending on the size and the design of your logo sticker, there’s a potential it can create a sense of clutter on the packaging.

Determine where your sticker would go, if it would clash with any other designs or colours, and if the measurements you have in mind would fit well and proportionally on the box. 

Wrap, Package, and Sticker

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