Can You Put a Bumper Sticker on a Car Door Window?

Bumper stickers are a fun way for people to express themselves and their beliefs, and they aren’t just for bumpers, either. People will put them just about anywhere. One alternative to placing a bumper sticker on the bumper is to place it on a window instead. 

Advantages of Placing Stickers on Windows

Placing your brand new made-to-order bumper sticker on the window of your car is a great way to make removal easier later on. It ensures the sticker won’t remove any paint or damage the car, as glass usually allows the adhesive to be removed without damaging it. 

Placing it along the top of the rear window also puts it in the line of sight of more people. This is a popular place for people to put their 13.1 bumper stickers, meaning they can celebrate that they’ve completed a half marathon. Windows also offer a smooth and easy-to-clean surface that will remain free of rust and other problems that can cause premature peeling.

Are There Any Downsides?

The biggest downside to placing bumper stickers on your side windows or rear window is visibility. The spot you apply your sticker to will be covered and you’ll no longer be able to see out of it, which can create a safety issue.

When placed on door windows, there is a slight chance that rolling the window up and down may scratch or peel the sticker. This is especially true if the rubber seal where the window meets the door is tight.

Most state and local jurisdictions have limitations on placing stickers on windshields, and other jurisdictions may restrict the placement of stickers on other windows. Before placing a sticker on the window of your car, it’s best to check your local laws. If at all possible, try and place stickers around the outside edges of your rear window. This will help keep your rear view mirror view clear so you can see vehicles behind you.

Too many bumper stickers can be a bit of an eyesore, especially when selling the car. If you’re worried about bumper stickers decreasing your car's value, have them carefully removed before trying to sell the car.

Your Own Custom Bumper Stickers in Five Days or Less

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Sticking the Landing

Bumper stickers are a unique form of expression, letting you silently shout something you want the world to know from the rooftops. As long as you’re careful about the placement and check your local laws, finding the ideal spot for your sticker is easy!

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