What Does a 13.1 Bumper Sticker Mean?

We’ve all seen them. For years, these numbered bumper stickers have been adorning car windows and bumpers. There are two numbers commonly seen: 13.1 and 26.2. These numbers are significant to a subset of people who enjoy running. 13.1 miles is the distance of a half marathon, and 26.2 is the distance of a full marathon.

Marathons aren’t just a great way to get runners together for a competition. They also serve as an excellent fundraising platform for a variety of charities. Because of this, marathon and charity organisers often work together to create a bumper sticker for the event. 

In addition to printing bumper stickers for the event itself, they will often print hundreds of 13.1 and 26.2 stickers to hand out to anyone who completes the event. Lots of people love to place these bumper stickers on car door windows as a matter of pride. After all, even a half marathon is a challenging achievement

Making Your Own Custom Stickers

Here at Sticker It, we make it as easy as possible to make your own custom stickers in just a few simple steps.

Choose Your Material

You can choose from a wide variety of sticker materials to suit your needs. We provide options from long-lasting vinyl to biodegradable paper with vegan inks. No matter the application, we have a purpose-built stickert just for that use.

Tell Us Your Sticker Size

Next, enter the dimensions of your sticker, specifying the widest and highest points so we can set the printer accordingly. 

Choose your Quantity

Whether you need nine stickers or nine thousand, Sticker it is ready to print custom orders of any size. For those looking for maximum discounts, you can save up to 90% when choosing our largest order sizes. The more stickers you order, the more you save.

Upload Your Image

Choose a high-resolution image that won’t pixelate when printed. If at all possible, use vector files, so that the size can be manipulated infinitely with no loss in clarity. 

Approve Your Proof

Once your order is placed, you’ll receive an email within twenty-four hours that contains a digital proof. This is a representation of what your sticker will look like. Simply approve it or let us know if you want to make any changes, such as alterations to the borders or a simple image crop. After your final approval, your design will be printed, laminated and cut and will arrive at your door in under five business days.  

Still Aren’t Sure? Instant Assistant Can Help

Let our Instant Assistant help you choose the sticker that’s right for you by answering a few simple questions. Instant Assistant can allow you to understand things like what bumper stickers are and what they need to be durable.

Order a Sample Pack

Here at Sticker It, we understand that your brand is vital to you, and you want to represent it in the best way possible. While you can save yourself some serious money by ordering your stickers in bulk, you’ll most likely want to feel the stickers in your hands and inspect them for quality before placing a large order. 

For this reason, we offer £9 sample packs with your custom image printed on them. We’ll ship them to your door, so you can see your logo on a sample before committing to a bigger order.

In Conclusion

Once you notice them, you’ll see half marathon stickers everywhere. Whether you want to print the classic 13.1 design or spice it up with a personal touch, Sticker It can help you create the right bumper sticker for you!

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