Can Bumper Stickers Decrease the Value of a Car?

On the face of things, no–stickers themselves don’t decrease the value of the car. Bumper sticker templates are fairly common in shape, and many people are used to seeing them. However, they can be considered a cosmetic defect to anyone who isn’t the person that put the sticker on the car. Few people want to drive around with someone else’s political views on display. For this reason, you’ll never see a bumper sticker on a car that's for sale in a used car lot.

Similarly, from an insurance standpoint, if your car was totalled in an accident, a bumper sticker would in no way affect the value of the settlement you received. It would be solely based on the blue book value of the car.

While it probably won’t outright kill a sale to have stickers on your car, it certainly isn’t going to leave a great taste in the buyer’s mouth if they have to remove the sticker themselves. If you plan on selling a car, it is best practice to remove the bumper stickers beforehand.

How to Remove a Bumper Sticker

Removing a sticker is similar to removing decals from a car window. If the sticker isn’t too old, it may come right off if you gently get a hold of one corner and start peeling. Be sure to keep pulling close to where the sticker is still adhered to the car. This minimises the chance that the sticker will rip.

If the sticker is older and is peeling off in small pieces, the next step is to try and heat the sticker. A hairdryer on medium or high heat usually does the trick. Try starting with the end of the sticker that didn’t rip when you tried the first time. Slowly peel the sticker away while blowing hot air under the adhesive as you pull.

Lastly, you can try adhesive removal products. Most adhesive removal chemicals are paint friendly, but be sure to not use paint thinner or anything else that may damage your car’s paint. If there is a bumper sticker on the car door window, you’re really in luck, as chemicals will get the sticker off in no time.

If none of the above works, you can always take your car to a body shop. It’s guaranteed they have the tools and chemicals to safely remove just about anything from your car, and for something as small as a sticker, it should be a small fee.

Custom Bumper Stickers for Your New Ride

Once you have your new wheels and are ready for new bumper stickers, consider going the custom route. With Sticker It, you can easily put any image or slogan on a bumper sticker. At our website, you’ll find tons of options for stickers of all shapes and sizes.

Not only do we have every shape imaginable, we also have sticker materials available in a wide variety of thicknesses and textures. From single-use item stickers to durable and waterproof bumper stickers for your political campaign, we have it all.

The Bottom Line

A bumper sticker isn’t going to decrease the value of your car, as long as you remove it carefully. Don’t hold back on getting the perfect bumper sticker today, Sticker it is ready to help!

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