How to Remove Decals From Car Window

Bumper stickers for cars and decals for lifted trucks have always been some of the most fun forms of stickers. They usually come with a fun design or a witty quote and are often representative of the places that you’ve visited on the road. These decals are often made to last, but if yours have suffered from wear and tear or you are ready for a new design, it might be time to take them off.

Thankfully, removing stickers from a car window is easy. It boils down to four main steps: cleaning the surface, loosening the adhesive, removing the sticker, and clearing any remaining residue. After that, you will have a clean space again ready for more decals!

What you need to remove decals from your car window

You don’t need any specialised equipment to remove decals from your car window. You only need a couple of tools you can get at any hardware store; some of which you may already have at home. Before you start working on those stickers, make sure you have the following on hand:

Glass cleaner

Taking off car stickers is best done on a clean surface. That way, you don’t have any debris ruining that area of your car. Make sure you have a high-quality glass cleaner that’s specially formulated for automotive use. An aerosol cleaner will make the process easier, but a regular bottle will work just as well.

Clean cloth

You’ll need a clean piece of cloth to wipe down your sticker surface and to help rub off the material. For the best results, use microfiber towels since these are more gentle and absorbent, and don’t leave a trail of lint.

Adhesive remover

Perhaps the most important requirement for taking off stickers is an adhesive remover. This will break the bond between the sticker and the glass it’s holding onto.


Although you can remove car decals with just the adhesive remover and elbow grease, it helps to have a heat source to loosen stuck-on adhesives. This is where a hairdryer comes in handy. You can also use a heat gun, but depending on how hot it gets, this option can be risky since it might damage your paint job and window add-ons.


You’ll need a scraper to peel off stickers on your car window smoothly. However, ensure you’re choosing something that isn’t too sharp or heavy or else you’re putting your car at risk for scratches. A small blade or a razor blade will do!

How to remove decals from your car window

With all your tools ready, it’s time to take off stickers from your car window. Here’s a step-by-step walk through on how to do it properly:

Step 1: Clean the surface

First things first, you want to work on a clear surface. Any debris stuck within and around the sticker area will make the process more tedious and can heighten the risk of unintentional marks or scratches.

Spray some glass cleaner on and around the sticker, then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Loosen the adhesive

Make it easier to remove the sticker by loosening its adhesive before you start scraping it off. Do this by spraying the decal with adhesive remover and leaving it to soak for five to ten minutes (this may vary depending on your adhesive remover, so check the instructions before use!). If you’re working with a particularly stubborn sticker, point a hair dryer set on high towards it until it starts fraying on the sides.

Step 3: Remove the sticker

Once the decal’s a bit looser, take your scraper and work through the adhesive until you remove the whole sticker. Do it carefully so as not to scratch the window.

Step 4: Clear the residue

When you’ve removed the sticker completely, wipe down your window with the window cleaner and microfiber cloth again (i.e. step 1) to verify that the glass is free from residue and is spic-and-span!

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