How to make clear stickers with your logo

Clear stickers are a great way to promote your business and get noticed. They can be printed with your logo or design, and they’re perfect for adding a professional touch to any marketing material. Plus, they’re easy to customise and highly affordable.

Whether you’re looking for the quick DIY option, the professional approach or if you want to go all out with a printing company – there is something for everyone when designing clear logo stickers. In this article, we will discuss three different ways of making custom clear stickers that include your logo to help you find the best option!

What are clear stickers? 

Custom-printed clear stickers are a type of individually cut sticker made from a transparent material, allowing the colours and design to show through clearly, creating an attractive look.

They can have any design printed onto them and are available in many shapes and all sizes.

Clear vinyl stickers can be used for a range of purposes including product labelling, promotional materials, business cards, and more.

Why make clear logo stickers? 

Making clear logo stickers is an excellent way for businesses to get noticed and promote their brand. The transparency of the sticker allows for vibrant colours and details to show through, creating an eye-catching effect that will draw attention.

Clear logo stickers can be used on any marketing material, from products to promotional offers. Not only do they look great, but they can also be used as an effective tool for advertising and building brand recognition.

Circle clear sample with Google Chrome design applied to a silver laptop

How to design clear logo stickers 

The first step to a great logo stickers is - you guessed it - a great logo.

There is no one-fits-all approach to creating the perfect logo. It depends on your industry, what your brand is about and your personal preference.

But there are a few steps you can follow to set yourself up for success.

1. Think about your brand identity

Having a clear understanding of your brand identity is essential if you want to create a logo that truly represents your business.

Your brand identity will inform the design of your logo, and how it’s used in marketing materials.

By taking the time to determine what makes up your unique brand identity, you can ensure that your logo accurately reflects who you are as a company.

2. Gather your business information

Gathering important information about your company such as mission statements, values and key selling points can help you create a logo that captures the essence of your brand.

This will make it easier to come up with ideas for logos and other visuals that effectively attractively portray your business.

3. Find your logo style

When it comes to designing a logo, there are many different styles you can go for. From minimalist designs to complex graphics, the possibilities are endless.

It’s essential to think about what style best represents your brand and communicate that through your logo.

4. Choose a font you like

Fonts are an important part of logo design. Choosing a font that compliments your brand identity is essential to create a lasting impression.

Make sure you take the time to pick out a font that accurately portrays your company’s personality and aesthetic.

5. Identify your brand colours

Colour plays a vital role in logo design. By identifying the colours that represent your brand, you can ensure that your logo looks cohesive and professional.

You don’t have to use a lot of colours, just make sure they work together harmoniously.

6. Keep it simple and recognisable

When designing a logo, it’s crucial to keep it as recognisable and straightforward as possible. An overly complex logo can be confusing and difficult to remember.

Aim for a design that is easy to understand, while still being unique and memorable.

Die cut clear sticker with vikings logo applied to a silver laptop

How to make clear logo stickers

When it comes to creating clear logo stickers, there are several options available depending on your budget and needs. Here are three options you can consider:

Option 1: The quick DIY approach

What you need: Your printed design, clear adhesive tape, scissors, a bowl of water, a spoon or a credit card

When to use: For small batches

  1. Step: Print your design onto normal printing paper. Stick a piece of tape on top of your design. Smooth out any air bubbles with a spoon or credit card.
  2. Step: Use scissors to cut the taped design into the desired shape.
  3. Step: Soak your cut out sticker in a bowl of water. This can take a few minutes.
  4. Step: Take out your sticker and while wet, rub away the paper. The design will have transferred onto the tape.

    Option 2: The professional DIY

    What you need: A printer, sticker paper or material of choice, a cutting machine, a laminator

    When to use: Medium batches or if you want to become a professional sticker DIYer

    1. Step: Print your design onto your chosen sticker paper or material
    2. Step: Laminate your design to make it waterproof and resistant to fading in the sun. This is also a great way to add a glossy or matte finish.
    3. Step: Feed your printed design to your cutting machine. If you are using a Cricut, select the "Print then cut" function to create a custom shape.

        Option 3: The professional printer

        What you need: Your design

        When to use: Small to large batches, when you want to save money or simply do not have the time to make your own stickers

        1. Step: Head over to the clear stickers pages
        2. Step: Enter the size and quantity you need
        3. Step: Upload your design
        4. Step: Check out and relax!

          Creating clear logo stickers can be a challenging but rewarding process. Whether you go the DIY route or get professional help, ensure your design is recognisable and straightforward while still being unique and memorable.

          With the right tools and knowledge, anyone can create beautiful custom clear sticker designs that stand out from the crowd! So don't hesitate - start creating today! And we even have more tips for printing clear stickers.

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