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We use digital cutting methods to cut any shape you want - there are no limits.

Choose from our many options below, or choose die cut and we’ll cut around your artwork in whatever shape you want.

Die cut stickers
  • Near durability of plastics
  • Made from wood pulp
  • 100% compostable
Kiss cut stickers
  • Cut through vinyl only
  • Fast to peel & apply
  • Option to print on the border
Circle stickers
  • Round shape
  • A choice of materials
  • Individually cut
Transfer stickers
  • Cut from a single bit of vinyl
  • A.K.A. cut vinyl or lettering
  • Single colour; black or white
Square stickers
  • Square shape
  • A choice of materials
  • Individually cut
Rectangle stickers
  • Rectangle shape
  • A choice of materials
  • Individually cut
Rounded corner stickers
  • Soft corners add durability
  • A choice of materials
  • Individually cut
Oval stickers
  • Oval shape
  • A choice of materials
  • Individually cut
Sticker sheets
  • 65% faster to apply
  • Perfect for applying 1000s
  • Multiple designs per sheet

Unsure which sticker is right for you?

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verified reviews

KK Foster

27th June 2022

Love the stickers. They are shipped quick and look great! Love that they are eco-friendly! Free shipping as well!

Rebecca Beloin

27th June 2022

The stickers were perfect! I appreciated the customer service reps helping me cancel my original order so I could start a new one after I accidentally ordered the wrong size. Will definitely order again.


27th June 2022

100% plan on buying these in a larger scale soon, beyond impressed with the quality and life, especially the biodegradable stickers!

Ioan Guet

25th June 2022

Service efficace


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